Kyle Mitchell Melbourne Obituary – Know Cause of his Death

Kyle Mitchell was one of the residents of Melbourne who took part in the Melbourne Lockdown & Anti-vaccine demonstrations.

The protestors headed to Melbourne’s War Memorial and many climbed the stairs of the Shrine of Remembrance after walking the streets of Melbourne CBD.

There, many of the protestors were arrested by the Police and a few of them were dragged off as they were in no control. There was no cooperation between the Police and the protestors. This moment was being described as scary and thuggery by Australians.

Protestors headed with quotes ” This is not about the virus, This is all about the government control over the People”.

Cause of Death of Kyle Mitchell

Kyle Mitchell cracked his skull during the protest on 21st September 2021 which is the reason beyond his death. This death will remain as an unforgettable death in Australian Protest history.

Kyle Mitchell lying on the ground with blood has been flooded on the internet and got viral. While people believed that he died with several injuries while running away during the protest.

As of reports, 62 people were arrested and put in custody.

Few sites have posted an obituary for Kyle Mitchell’s death.

Was Kyle Mitchell shot at the protest in Victoria?

Kyle Mitchell was shot at the protest in Victoria after a random shooting at the crowd. There is still a huge crowd in the protest with no cops in sight. People are still protesting against the political agenda and also they want the answers of Kyle Mitchell’s demise from the government.

The protestors are known to be members of CFMEU(Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining & Energy Union). The protestors were against the mandatory vaccination rule assigned by the government of Australia.

What is Victoria Protest? Know in Details

In the protest, there were around 2000 people. They outnumbered 500 Police Personnel placed in the protest. Few of the officers were injured as the protestors attacked them.

In order to control the crowd, the specialist team used smoke rounds, foam baton rounds, and stinger grenades that deploy rubber pellets.

The protestors were chanting “Hold Your Ground” in the protest when police started invading against them.

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