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In Cheer season 2, La’Darius accused Monica and Navarro College of “physical and mental abuse.” The complaint came from the cheerleading star when he shared that he had a hyped drama with the coach when she featured as a contestant in Dancing with the Stars season 29. Ladarius happen to be a member of Navarro College Bulldogs, the college team that Monica Aldama is assigned head coach to.

Both Monica and La’Darius were in season 1 of Encourage, Netflix’s documentary series about the team and their path to the 2019 National Cheerleaders Association Championships in Daytona Beach, Florida, which they placed first in their division.

What happened toLa’Darius Marshall from Cheer?

Ladarius left the Cheer team after being suffered from physical and mental abuse from the college team and cheerleading team head coach.

Ladarius took this decision to leave the team after he felt humiliated and treated perhaps too harshly.

The blame and accusation came after Ladarius thought that his calls and inquiries should have been garnished better and better handled by the coach.

Ladarius’s accusations came strong and the fans were shocked by his decision and now the cheerleading star has been looking forward to a better career path ahead.

Was Ladarius from cheer arrested?

Ladarius from Cheer was not arrested but he left the team after he felt humiliated and was abused verbally and physically.

The cheerleading team didn’t help him nurture his talent but instead harmed his morale and ethical values.

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