Last Seen And Online Not Showing In Whatsapp 2022: How To Fix Whatsapp Last Seen Not Showing In Whatsapp?


Whatsapp app is an American business network that Meta introduced. Meta Platforms is a vast place for Whatsapp and is the owner of the companies such as freeware, cross-platform, centralized instant messaging (IM), and voice note service known as WhatsApp Messenger or just WhatsApp and enables creators worldwide to share as much content such as photographs, documents, user locations, and creative content in addition to text and voice messages, phone conversations, and video calls. The client application was developed for WhatsApp and is available on desktop computers and mobile devices. People need a mobile phone number to register for the service and enable businesses to interact with clients worldwide and people worldwide who use the default WhatsApp client; WhatsApp was created mainly for WhatsApp Business in January 2018 as a stand-alone business app geared toward small business owners.

Last Seen And Online Not Showing In Whatsapp 2022

The last time a user was active on WhatsApp is displayed in their previous saw status. You might not want people to know when you last used Whatsapp because it’s a private activity.

Privacy Status

  • Even if you are in their contact list, you might not be able to see someone’s last seen if they have set their privacy setting to “nobody.” Therefore, privacy settings are the primary and most frequent cause of people’s inability to access the last seen status.

You Have Been Blocked

  • You cannot view the user’s profile, status, or most recent location if they have blocked you. To check if the user receives the message, send it to them. If there is only one tick, you’ve probably been blocked. If you are blocked, you won’t be able to see their status.

Your contact list is empty

  • You will not be able to see the user’s last seen if they have set their last seen status to “my contacts” and you are not one of their contacts. Therefore, you must ensure they’ve added you to their contacts.

Why Can’t I See Last Seen Online On Whatsapp?

Last seen and online, let you know when your contacts later used WhatsApp and whether they are currently online.

If a contact is online, their smartphone has WhatsApp open in the foreground, and they are online. The connection may not have read your message, though.

The contact’s most recent WhatsApp usage is indicated by the last seen. You can decide who can view your last seen and online information through our privacy settings. Unless you have saved the person as a contact or have sent you a message in the past, you might not be able to see someone’s last seen or online status.

You can limit who can see your last seen or online information by using settings.

You might not be able to view someone’s most recent location or online status for the following reasons:

  • They might have chosen to hide this information in their privacy settings.

  • You may not have disclosed your last seen in your privacy settings. You cannot view other contacts’ last seen if you don’t tell your own.

  • Perhaps you were blocked.

  • It’s possible that you haven’t spoken to them before.

  • They might not have preserved your contact information.

How To Fix Last Seen And Online Not Showing In Whatsapp 2022?

Change Wi-Fi

  • Try turning your data on and off a few times to test whether the problem goes away. To update your contacts and Whatsapp, you could briefly switch your phone’s aeroplane mode off before turning it back on.

  • If a lousy internet connection causes your problem, this approach might help. Consider switching to a different, more reliable network if it doesn’t work.

Privacy Settings for Your Last Seen

Here’s how to do it:

  • On your phone, launch WhatsApp.

  • At the top of the screen, tap the three dots icon.

  • From the list of choices, pick Settings.

  • Find the Account and tap it next.

  • Tap on Privacy to manage your personal information after that.

  • As in the image below, click the Last Seen link.

  • Ensure that it is set to either my contacts or everyone.

A Whatsapp update

  • To upgrade your app, look for the “update” option in the PlayStore and AppStore. Given that your WhatsApp updates have nothing to do with the last seen, this may or may not resolve the issue.

  • But occasionally, the obsolete Whatsapp version stops functioning. You should update the app to verify if the issue has been resolved.

Restart your device

  • Your phone starts to hang frequently when your storage is whole. The greatest thing you can do to restore regular operation to your mobile device is reset or remove cumbersome and large-sized programs. It’s possible that Whatsapp can’t update the last seen due to a bad connection, a lack of storage, or software bugs.

  • Check and see the issue, and it is fixed by rebooting your phone. Once none of those mentioned above ways has worked for you, try this.

Creators Of Whatsapp

Former Yahoo! employees named Brian Acton and Jan Koum created the app WhatsApp. The app WhatsApp was not designed for only being a texting service. Then, a few days later, Jan came up with an excellent idea for the Whatsapp app to provide various information to people around the world listed in your address book in January 2009 after purchasing an iPhone.Jan and Brian were eager to enter the business world as a new multi-million dollar app industry created by the Apple App Store. Jan then came up with a fantastic idea of creating a status for each person, where you can upload photos and videos and different content, “like when you were on a call, your battery was low, or you were at the gym.” The creator, Jan, chose to name this app WhatsApp to resemble the word “what’s up.” which means what are you doing? He incorporated this platform WhatsApp Inc. in California on February 24th, 2009.

About Whatsapp

App  Network 
Creators  Brian Acton

Jan Koum

Developers Meta Platforms, 

Will Cathcart (Head of WhatsApp)

Release date  January 2009
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