Who is Lauren Pefferle – Newberg Oregon

Mabel Rush Elementary School staff member Lauren Pefferle is reportedly placed on administrative leave after she decided to show up to work wearing a Blackface.

Lauren Pefferle is an Oregon special education assistant who wore blackface to dress as Rosa Parks at Mabel Rush Elementary School in Newberg in a protest against vaccine mandates. Pefferle was identified as the school employee by The Newberg Graphic. The school district has mandated the COVID-19 coronavirus vaccine for all staff members, with limited medical and religious exemptions, the newspaper reports.

Lauren has gathered a lot of attention for her actions as several have condemned her for being “racist”, including the Newberg Public school.

So, what exactly happened and why did the staff member wear a Blackface to school? Here’s what we know.

Who Is Lauren Pefferle?

Lauren works as a special education assistant at Mabel Rush Elementary School.

The 41-year-old is said to have staged a protest against the vaccine mandate on September 17, 2021, during which she wore a Blackface.

She previously worked in the Learning Resource Center at the Antonia Crater Elementary School.

Lauren “darkened her face with iodine.” saying she was Rosa Parks.

Meanwhile, district spokesperson Gregg Koskela said during the press conference on Monday (September 20) that no student had witnessed the incident.

Pefferle, Who Previously Lived in Las Vegas & California, Started a Failed Gluten-Free & Organic, Raw Food & Drink Business in Beaverton Called ‘The Clean Cafe’

The Newberg School Superintendent Said He Is ‘Horrified, Angry & Ashamed,’ Calling Pefferle’s Actions ‘Unfathomably Offensive’.

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