Lloyd Hansen: Is he dead? Who Was His Executor in ‘The Gray Man’?

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The Gray Man is a 2009 novel by Mark Greaney that was adapted for the big screen by Anthony and Joe Russo (“Avengers: Infinity War”). It centers on Sierra Six, an accomplished CIA operative with a background in clandestine operations. However, Six is sought after by the psychotic Lloyd Hansen when a task exposes a plot against the agency.

In the action thriller, Ryan Gosling plays Six and Chris Evans plays Hansen in a titanic struggle. We can tell you if Hansen survives the events depicted in the movie or not! Here is all the information you want on Lloyd Hansen’s end in “The Gray Man.” Spoilers follow!

Is Lloyd Hansen Dead?

The main adversary in Mark Greaney’s book “The Gray Man” is Lloyd Hansen. Actor Chris Evans (‘Knives Out’) plays Lloyd Hansen in the movie adaptation of the book. He is described as a psychotic assassin with a penchant for manhunts and torture. Denny Carmichael (Regé-Jean Page), the director of the CIA, finds Hansen to be a useful asset because of his inclination to disregard norms and regulations. Former Harvard classmates Carmichael and Hansen joined the CIA together. Five and a half months later, Hansen left the agency and began to work as a mercenary on the open market.

In the movie, Carmichael enlists Hansen to find Sierra Six, a clandestine CIA agent who is in possession of a flash drive with damaging information on the CIA Director. Hansen utilizes his bizarre techniques to find Six. He abducts Claire, the niece of Six’s mentor Donald Fitzroy (Billy Bob Thornton). Six feels compelled to break into the safe home where Hansen is keeping his family. As a result, near the movie’s conclusion, Six and Hansen engage in a climactic battle. In the end, Six wins out against Hansen.

Who Murdered Lloyd Hansen?

In the movie, Hansen relentlessly pursues Sierra Six as they play cat and mouse. However, Hansen sustains serious wounds by the movie’s conclusion. He lost two fingers and has flames on his back from a flare bullet. Consequently, it appears that Six will easily overcome Hansen. Furthermore, Six has experience killing criminals. It is doubtful that Six would spare Hansen given that his mentor perished as a result of Hansen. However, Six does not strike Hansen one final time.

In the pivotal confrontation between Six and Hansen, the latter prevails by cutting Six with a knife. Six, though, flips the script and is prepared to murder Hansen. The mercenary is shot dead before he can kill Hansen. None other than CIA Supervisor Suzanne Brewer is the shooter (Jessica Henwick). Brewer and Hansen have a lengthy history together, although Brewer has never agreed with Hansen’s strategies. Brewer is nonetheless given the responsibility of keeping an eye on Hansen by Carmichael.

Brewer ultimately comes to the conclusion that Hansen is too much of a psychopath to be preserved. In his pursuit of Sierra Six, he has made things difficult for the CIA. Brewer believes Hansen is the ideal scapegoat as a result. Brewer makes up a narrative to attribute Hansen with the tragic loss of CIA assets after Hansen is slain. Additionally, according to official sources, Six killed Hansen, giving Brewer power against the Sierra Agent. Hansen is ultimately only a pawn in the CIA’s power battle.

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