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Who Is Lojain Omran?

Lojain Omran (born on October 26, 1977) is a Saudi television host and social media personality. She hosts a show on a Bahraini channel. She is the star of the Netflix original series Dubai Bling. While this journey to success was not as easy for some as some may believe, such as Saudi Arabian TV Host Lojain Omran, “To be honest with you, it was not at all easy for Saudi women back then to work as TV hosts, it was not very much accepted by the society.”

Lojain Omran Before Surgery

Lojain Omran is arguably the show’s most famous face, with over 10 million Instagram followers. The Saudi media personality rose to prominence as one of the region’s most recognizable presenters, appearing on shows such as Ya Hala, Around the Gulf, and, most notably, Good Morning Arabs! On MBC1, a pan-Arab TV channel. Omran was even named the 55th most famous person in the Arabic-speaking world by Forbes. According to Netflix, Omran welcomes fans behind the scenes of her glamorous life on Dubai Bling, providing a glimpse into her enviable wardrobe.

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What Is Lojain Omran Age?

Lojain Omran, 45, is from Jubail, Eastern Province, and worked in banking before transitioning to television. Aseel Omran, her younger sister,she is an actress. She began driving when she moved to Bahrain in 2001, and in 2008, while living in Dubai, she purchased a pink Porsche Carrera with silver glitter and the slogans “Girls Rule” and “Angel.”

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What Is Lojain Omran Height?

Lojain Omran’s height is 5’6″. Lojain Omran was born in Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province, on October 26, 1977. She is a Scorpio and an adherent of the Islamic faith. She will be 45 years old in 2022.

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Who Is Lojain Omran Husband?

Lojain Omran was married to her ex-husband Sheikh Salman Al Thani when she was 16 years old. But her married life didn’t last long as she expected. Lojain parted ways from her husband because the main reason was to concentrate on her business and career instead of being a housewife. Lojain’s ex-husband was Sheikh Salman Al Thani, but she has never publicly identified him. This is based on several sources. Omran stated in an interview that she divorced her husband because she wanted to focus on her career rather than living within the confines of the home. After all, he was older.

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Who Is Lojain Omran Daughter?

Lojain has two kids with her ex-husband Sheikh Salman Al Thani, named “Samir and Jilan. She is from a Muslim Sunni family based in Saudi Arabia. Her parents are Ahmed Omran, and her mother’s name is unknown. She has two siblings, one sister, and a brother. Their sister is named Aseel Omran, a famous singer and actress in Arab countries, and her brother is named Basil Omran.

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What Is Lojain Omran Net Worth?

Lojain Omran’s estimated net worth as of November 2022 is $1 to 5 million. The 45-year-old began focusing on her social media presence alongside her television host and presenter work, and she quickly grew a sizable fan base. Her celebrity grew to the point where Forbes named her one of five Saudis among the 100 Arab Celebrities of 2017.

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Lojain Omran Wikipedia

Omran’s previous TV shows included The Situation with Lojain, Ya Hala, Around the Gulf, and World of Eve. Forbes ranked her 55th out of 100 Arabic celebrities in 2017, and she was one of five Saudis on the list. She has 5.4 million social media followers and has been defined as “one of the most influential and well known media personalities in the Middle East.” Lojain Omran has more than 7 million Instagram followers and has been named one of the five “most popular fashion and beauty influencers” influencing millennials in the UAE. Gulf Business ranked her 87th on its Arab Power List 2018, describing her as an “Influencer / TV Host.”

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Lojain Omran Biography

Name  Lojain Omran 
DOB October 26, 1977 
Age  45 
Place of birth  Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia Eastern Province 
Marital status  Married 
Height  5’6’’
Weight  54 kg 
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