Marco Polo Human Trafficking, TikTokers Warns Of Marco Polo Human Trafficking Trap

TikTokers Warn Of Marco Polo Human Trafficking

A TikTok user has posted a video on the platform warning about Marco Polo Human Trafficking and sharing their experience, which led them to believe that Marco Polo Human Trafficking is, in fact, true. Many other users responded to this video, claiming they have also experienced the same. What is this Marco Polo Human Trafficking? was one of the TikToker who had posted about this Marco Polo Human Trafficking. had stated that she and her friend had gone to Fry’s Supermarket, where they encountered two strangers who were using signals which seemed to as signals to identify women who were potential human trafficking targets. This TikToker on her account states, “Just wanted to get the word out, it may have been nothing but better safe than sorry. If you have a gut feeling, TRUST IT.”

What Is Marco Polo Human Trafficking?

Distractify, who reported this Marco Polo Human Trafficking event as stated by the TikToker also revealed that according to, “Based on data gathered by the U.S. State Department, Arizona is a prime transit and destination area for both sex and labor trafficking in the United States. The Department of Justice has identified Phoenix as one of the top human trafficking jurisdictions in the country.”

Rollingstone is another source that has dealt in detail with Marco Polo Human Trafficking. They talk about how TikTok videos of people warning about Marco Polo Human Trafficking go viral. These videos warn about elaborate trafficking schemes at big-box stores. Target seems to be the frequently chosen location, according to these videos.

How Does Marco Polo Human Trafficking Work? gave details of what happened to make her suspect if it was an event of  Marco Polo Human Trafficking. According to, she and one of her friends had gone to a Starbucks inside a complex where was outside for her friend to finish her order and come, “I heard someone distinctly say, ‘Marco’ two times while walking towards my best friend and I… and this girl comes over and is like walking towards the bathroom and then stops to talk to me and says, ‘hi.’ And I’m like, ‘hi,’ and she’s like, ‘I like your tattoo. What does it mean.’ I just, you know, explain it.”

The girl continues with the conversation, and at one point, starts feeling weird. The girl then leaves to go to the bathroom. “As she turns away from me to go to the bathroom, she screams ‘Marco’ again. And that’s just when I’m like, ‘OK this situation’s off, I just feel like…something’s off.” A few minutes later the girl comes back and talks to and her friend, following which a guy starts coming towards them. On seeing this and her friend leave immediately.

Is The Marco Polo Trafficking A Hoax?

There have been many on TikTok and other social media platforms stating that this  Marco Polo Human Trafficking is just a hoax; some have claimed that the girl wasn’t saying “Marco” but “morning” or “welcome.” Yet the damage appears to have largely been done. Some commenters have requested that people who come across this report to the store. But human trafficking is a real issue that might happen to anyone. In many cases, according to Rollingstone, traffickers are people who are trusted friends, partners, or loved ones of victims. Thus it is not always a little girl in a shadowy corner looking to traffick you. But people are always requested to be aware.

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