Michael Cera Net Worth 2022: Age, Family, Career & More

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Who is Michael Cera?

Michael Cera is a $20 million-dollar-rich Canadian actor, singer, producer, screenwriter, and voice actor. He debuted in the role of Barris in “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” after beginning his career as a child actor in “The Berenstain Bears.”

His acting abilities led to other offers, and he quickly rose to the top of Canada’s actors. He was given the opportunity to play George Michael Bluth in the television series “Arrested Development” as a result of his fame and acting abilities.

Soon after, he began to gain international renown and was cast in several films. Juno, Superbad, Youth in Revolt, Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and his own dramatized rendition in This Is the End are just a few of his numerous super hit films.

Cera established a successful acting career before pursuing a career in music. In 2014, he launched his self-titled first album. Additionally, he has performed as the touring bassist for the indie rock group Mister Heavenly. He also came in first place on Entertainment Weekly’s 2008 list of actors under the age of 30.

What is Michael Cera’s Net Worth in 2022?

Michael Cera’s net worth is projected to reach $20 million as of 2022. The majority of his revenue came from his voice work in several movies and television programs. In the television series “Arrested Development,” Cera allegedly received $125,000 each episode, while his blockbuster movie “Superbad” brought in $169,871,719 at the box office. He started his profession when he was young and has had great success.

He also appeared in the R-rated movie “Sausage Party,” which earned $140.7 million on a $19 million production budget to become the highest-grossing adult animated movie at the time.

Early Life

Michael Cera was born on June 7, 1988, to Xerox employees Linda and Luigi Cera. Ontario’s Brampton is where Cera was raised. Jordan and Molly are Cera’s sisters and brothers.

When Cera was barely 3 years old and ill with chickenpox, he saw Ghostbusters repeatedly and developed an interest in acting. He studied improv at The Second City and had the whole script committed to memory.

Through the ninth grade, Cera attended Heart Lake Secondary School, Robert H. Lagerquist Senior Public School, and Conestoga Public School. After he began performing, he later completed grade 12 online.

Personal Life

Cera has kept a low profile when it comes to his personal life. In 2010, he was romantically involved with Aubrey Plaza for 18 months. Amy Schumer unintentionally revealed to the world in 2022 that Cera was the father of a six-month-old kid.

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