Microsoft Rewards Xbox Achievements Not Working, Why Wont My Xbox Achievements Unlock?

Microsoft Rewards Xbox Achievements Not Working

Microsoft Corporation is a multinational American technology corporation that produces computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and related services. Recently many Microsoft users have wanted to know about Microsoft rewards Xbox achievements not working. This would be helpful to go over the troubleshooting steps, which are elaborated on by Microsoft teams. The problems with Xbox achievements are challenges that are supported by Xbox. Users can recommend accessing Settings and then Network settings after that, click on Advanced settings, the Alternate Mac Address after that, clear it, and the console should restart. 

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Xbox Achievements Not Unlocking 2022

1. Make sure that you’re connected to the Xbox network

First of all, your console is connected to some network equipment that is router, modem, and gateway. after that, press, the Xbox button and then open the guide. You can select Profile and then the system after that, go to settings then, click on General then you have to go Network settings. You can verify the console is connected to the network. 

2. Check the Xbox service status

Check the Xbox status page. If you see any services with alerts, expand the service, scroll down to Notifications, and sign in to receive a message when the service is up and running again.

3. Check your achievement progress on your console

When you unlock an achievement, you may not immediately see a notification or an updated gamerscore. You have to press the Xbox button and then open the guide. After that, select Game activity then goes to all achievements. You can select the game and unlock the achievement after that, view the unlocked achievements list. 

4: Check your achievement progress online

First of all, sign in at, You have to select the profile icon then, select Xbox Profile, and then click achievements. You can select the title of the achievements and then try to unlock it. Also if the achievements appear under some achievements, it’s already unlocked. 

5: Restart your console

The user has to press and hold the Xbox button after that in the center of the Xbox Wireless controller you have to open the power center. Then select the restart console and then select restart. 

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Why Won’t My Xbox Achievements Unlock?

You have to ensure that the console is connected to the Xbox Live Network and that you have completed the required elements which are needed to unlock achievements. Sometimes the achievements will not be unlocked immediately. But at some, the moment’s achievements will not be unlocked immediately, and there might be a delay and bottleneck with the Xbox Live Service which is overcrowded server and latency issues. Also, you might find the achievements and challenges are not unlocking while offline. You have to unlock offline the achievements. 

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