Who Is Nadia Albina – Know About Her Disability, Age, Wiki & More

Nadia Albina is a British actress popularly known for her work in Whites, Beautiful People, and Doctors. She also has been starred on Netflix’s The One portraying the role of Amy Naser.

Albina came to this world with one hand, her right arm finishes at the elbow. As of now, she is residing in Woolwich Arsenal, London.

Actress Nadia kicked off her career in 2009. Her role as Virgin Mary in Beautiful People was loved by many.

Since then, Albina has been credited in more than 20 shows. Reportedly, she will appear as Ruth Gonzalez in the upcoming 2022 movie Lion Versus the Little People.

Know Her Age

Nadia Albina’s age in 2021 hasn’t been discovered. She has not revealed her birthday details yet.

Multiple reports claim that the actress is around her thirties. Hopefully, Nadia will reveal her missing information soon.

Know About Her Disability

Nadia Albina has a physical disability. She was born with only the left hand.

Reportedly, she told the Church Times that she didn’t have a right forearm when she was born. From her pictures, we can see that her right arm is extended up to her elbow.

Moreover, Nadia claims that she always fears that her condition would be a lens through which everything would be seen. Nevertheless, she believes in herself and has shown the world that “disability is a different kind of ability”.

Indeed, her works have inspired thousands of people like her. Today, she is proud of her achievement and is not shy to speak about herself.

Most of the netizens have referred to her disability as a disease. To be clear here, she doesn’t have any illness.

According to The Guardian, Albina’s physical condition was vital in Secret Theatre’s show. Reportedly, her disability helped her to understand the character of Blanche DuBois.

Well, she is continuously working hard to feature in more shows as possible. In 2021, her role as Jenny in the television mini-series Innocent has been popular.

Furthermore, she has appeared in other shows like Doctor Who and The One. Moreover, she is widely recognized for her stage play, Othello at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.

Albina Wikipedia

Nadia Albina’s bio is not available on Wikipedia. Though, we can find her on IMDb.

We can also find the actress on Instagram. Under the username of @NadiaAlbina, she has accumulated more than 1,991 followers.

That’s all about Nadia Albina’s biography. If you find anything that needs correction, then please leave a comment below. Your feedback is valuable to us.

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