Paypal Bitcoin Scam Email, How To Avoid Paypal Invoice Scam?

Paypal Bitcoin Invoice Scam

As per user reports, the PayPal Bitcoin scam email will come to your inbox having a subject line that includes the invoice number, your name, etc. This is one of the most common examples reported by users. The PayPal Bitcoin scam email you get could be in a different format.

Windowsreport says that the fake email will have a fake invoice with the details of the purchase of Bitcoin. Note that though the invoice generated is fake, clicking the link or attachment might also transfer Payment from your PayPal account to theirs.

Paypal Bitcoin Scam Email

As reported by one user according to windowsreport, an example of a PayPal Bitcoin scam email is given below:

Thank You for choosing Paypal for placing your Order BITCOIN.

Your order has been successfully placed.

The Payment will be shown soon within the next 5 to 10 hours on PAYPAL


Memo Id: CAF*******

Item Name: BITCOIN (BTC)

Order Placed Date: 28th JAN 2021

Receiving Date: Day After Place The Order.

Price: 457.25 USD

Charge Mode: PAYPAL

If you wish to Cancel, then please feel free to contact our Billing Department as soon as possible.

You can reach us on: ###########

Paypal Invoice Scam

Users reported that when they tried to contact the number mentioned in the fake email, the customer support member (fake) asked them to install software on their PCs.

When users install the software on their PC, they will give access to the scammer, and all of their personal files will be locked behind a paywall. Then, the fake ones will start asking for money for you to get back access to your files.

How To Avoid Paypal Invoice Scam?

If you get an invoice you doubt is fake or for a purchase you didn’t make, do not pay it, and do not respond using any phone numbers or links in the email.

Instead, log into your PayPal account using a trusted browser or official app. Then, check your purchase history to ensure you haven’t been fraudulently billed. You can identify fake Paypal bitcoin email when it has the following:

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