Pomona Car Accident Today, How Many Died In Pomona Car Crash?

Pomona Car Accident Today

A terrible accident occurred at Pomona. A man was killed and twelve others got injured in Pomona after the driver crashed her car into a taco stand and ran away from the location Friday evening, police revealed.

Pomona police say that the crash was reported around 7:45 p.m. in W. Holt Avenue and Dudley Street. Know here everything about accident.

How Many Died In Pomona Car Crash?

It was initially believed that eleven people were injured in the crash, but the victim count increased to thirteen. Police also confirmed one man died in the terrible crash. Ten victims were hospitalized, and 2 others were treated at the scene. The area was closed as officers investigated the crash. Not much information is known about the injured people. Scroll down and get more information about Pomona car crash.

Pomona Crash Took A Life Of A Man

A man lost his life at the scene, and 12 were injured, 10 of whom needed transport to the hospital. Two patients were treated at the location and released. Footage from the scene reveals a dark-colored compact car, which was partly inside the tent that once covered the stand. You can see the video of the car crash on YouTube.

Accident In Pomona

The taco stand was ruined in the aftermath of the crash, tables were toppled, and a car, maybe belonging to the suspect, was under a tent. Police revealed that the driver left her car and ran away from the place, but she later turned herself in.

Neighbors say that the taco stand is famous, and they are saddened by what happened. An investigation will decide if speed or alcohol was the cause of the crash.

Pomona Accident

As mentioned before, the crash in Pomona killed at least one and left 12 people injured Friday night, according to the Los Angeles County Fire Department. The crash was reported at about 7:45 p.m. after a car drove through a taco stand. If you are interested to see where the accident occured, you can watch it on YouTube.

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