Punggol Car Accident: Boy Hit By Car In Punggol! What Happened To That Boy?

Punggol Car Accident

According to the news from Must Share News, it has been reported from the side of the Singapore Police that a 14-year-old teenage boy was hit by a BMW car while trying to cross the road. He had been traversing the road at a pedestrian crossroad in Sumang Walk at approximately 11.20 am on October 10. at that time, the BMW crashed with him, sending him gliding and dismounting a distance out.

Boy Hit By Car In Punggol

According to the news from Must Share News, it has been reported that suddenly after that accident, the residents of that area rushed to the spot and tried to recover the boy. The impact of that accident shattered the windscreen of the BMW, which had allegedly run a red light. It was later found that the boy flew nearly 10 metres after being hit by the vehicle. It was found that a 24-year-old driver of the car was later arrested for dangerous driving, causing hurt.


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What Happened To That Boy?

Before heading to the news, the readers must prepare their eyes and conscience, as sometimes, the truth would seem a hard pill to swallow. According to the information from Must Share News, it has been reported that the boy met with a destructible car accident while he was trying to cross the road through the Punggol region of Singapore. After the collision, the localities of the Punggol area rushed to the spot for help. The ambulance and the police were informed at once by the residents. But unfortunately, the teenager did not cooperate with the medical aids after three weeks of struggles and took his last breath on November 2.

Teenager’s Cause Of Death

There is constant talk among the people of the Punggol region about the teenage boy who lost his life at the age of 14. As we all know, Some car accidents are caused when the driver’s mind travels a thousand kilometres beyond his eyes. According to the report per Must Share News, it has been declared that the boy left the mortal world after meeting with a fatal car accident.

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