Racist Bridesmaid Video Leaves Internet Shocked, Check Here Bridesmaid Racist Video Twitter Reaction

Racist Bridesmaid Video Leaves Internet Shocked

Recently, a TikTok video of a bridesmaid at her friend’s wedding became viral online. The groom’s sister and @browneyed_beautee user Tori shared the video to TikTok initially, but after it gained popularity, the user turned their account private.

Over 8.9 million people have seen and commented on the film, which has spread across all social media sites, including Twitter.

Tiktok Racist Wedding Speech

The offending video began with the speaker, apparently a close friend of the bride, getting ready to deliver a moving speech to the bride and groom. She began by stating who she was:

“Hi, I’m Shannon; I’ve known Tracy for…oh god…”

She needed to be reminded how long the bride had been a friend of hers nine years. Shannon went on to say that although the bride, Tracy, talks a lot about the groom, Anthony, she doesn’t really know him. She continued while feigning an eye roll:

“She’d be like ‘, Oh, Anthony; this, Anthony that,’ and I’m like, ‘I don’t care.”

She then went on to compliment the “cute couple” and asked the groom to “take care of my girl (bride)” otherwise, she “knows where he lives.” She then turned to the crowd and said:

“I’m not gonna be racist, guys; I’m just saying! You guys are outstepping the stereotype, and I love it.”

She then changed into a humorous character, snapping her fingers and mockingly declaring in an African-American accent, “I’m going to be racist.” As the last statement, she added:

“You guys, I swear, I love Black people. You guys. Are. The. Best. My own daughter’s great-aunt is, like, the best woman. You guys are amazing; I love you. I love you guys. Bless you, black people.”

Bridesmaid Racist Video Twitter Reaction

It goes without saying that citizens responded to the aforementioned TikTok video with some amusing and snarky Tweets about the speaker’s trainwreck speech.

Funny memes were being used in some tweets to express horror. A Thanos from the Marvel movies meme was mentioned by one internet user.

The user who submitted the TikTok video said in the comments that, despite the controversy on social media, the “wedding went perfectly” despite the speech.

It has happened before that a wedding speech video has gone viral. A Reddit member explained in a post from 2020 why her mother was expelled from her wedding reception following yet another awful statement. The bride’s mother made some deplorable jokes about her, including bringing up her health problems.

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