Raja Rani Coupon Result 12 October 2022 Today Result updated daily

Raja Rani Coupon Result Today – 12/10/2022

Get the updated Raja Rani coupon result here. The coupon holders of this lottery have been making queries about the Raja Rani coupon result. This is one lottery that many have a vested interest in, especially those in the said states where this lottery is actively being played. The Raja Rani lottery has results declared a number of times per day and each of these coupon draws are given separate names. Given below is the updated raja rani lottery result for today 12/10/2022

Draw Time Result Coupon Name

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Raja Rani Coupon Bihar Jharkhand

The Raja Rani lottery as stated earlier has a number of draws in one day and these draws begin with the first coupon draw of this lottery that happens at 8:30 AM. If you were also wondering about the coupon result of the Raja Rani lottery you have come to the right place as this is the place where you will find the coupon result for this lottery.

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Raja Rani Lottery Result

The lottery result for this lottery will be updated as soon as the draw is made for the coupon for that time. For instance once the draw is made for the 8:30 AM lot the coupon results are declared for that draw similarly as soon as the draw is made for 10:00 AM the coupon results are declared for that coupon. This goes on till the lottery ends which is at 6:00 PM. All these results will be updated on this page as soon as the draw is made and results are declared making it easy for you to get the Raja Rani lottery results. 

How To Play The Raja Rani Coupon Game?

If you were looking to participate and play in the Raja Rani lottery and were wondering how to go about this you have come to the right place as this article will enlighten you with the process of the same. All those who are looking to participate in this lottery need to buy the lottery ticket of the Raja Rani lottery game. You also need to make sure that you are clear about the time for which you are buying the ticket. On this ticket will be a number. When the lottery results for this lottery are declared a number will be announced. You will need to check if the number announced matches the number on your ticket. If it does match you have won this lottery. To check for the number announced you can visit our page where the Raja rani lottery results are declared according to the time.  

Raja Rani Coupon Ka Result Timings

This lottery as stated earlier has coupon draws a number of times a day and as such the results declared for this lottery are also spaced across the day at various different times. The first draw for this lottery begins at 8:30 AM and goes on till 6:00 PM. Each of these draws happen once in half an hour in the time period of 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM. About twenty draws happen in a day whose results are declared simultaneously. Given below are the timings of each of the draw that happens in this lottery 

8:30 AM – First Draw

9:00 AM – Second Draw

9:30 AM – Third Draw

10:00 AM – Fourth Draw

10:30 AM – Fifth Draw

11:00 AM – Sixth Draw

11:30 AM – Seventh Draw

12:00 PM – Eighth Draw

12:30 PM – Ninth Draw

01.00 PM – Tenth Draw

01.30 PM – Eleventh Draw

02.00 PM – Twelfth Draw

02.30 PM -Thirteenth Draw

03.00 PM – Fourteenth Draw

03.30 PM – Fifteenth Draw

04.00 PM – Sixteenth Draw

04.30 PM – Seventeenth Draw

05.00 PM – Eighteenth Draw

05.30 PM – Nineteenth Draw

06.00 PM – Twentieth Draw

Raja Rani Ka Coupon Names

Each of these draws has a separate name that would make it easier for the gamer to get the results and not be confused with the results. The purpose of naming these draws and giving a separate name for each of these draws was to make things easier for those interested in this lottery. Given below are the coupon names for the Raja Rani lottery 

  • Rajarani Pahla Daw

  • Rajarani Subah

  • Rajarani Kiran

  • Rajarani Hindustani

  • Rajarani Prabha

  • Rajarani Lajawab

  • Rajarani Samrat

  • Rajarani Deluxe

  • Rajarani Noon

  • Rajarani King

  • Rajarani Royal

  • Rajarani Millenium

  • Rajarani Hundred

  • Rajarani Daimond

  • Rajarani Sona

  • Rajarani Express

  • Rajarani Speasal

  • Rajarani Sandhi

  • Rajarani Chandni

  • Rajarani Sham

How To Get Raja Rani Coupon Result Chart?

You can get this lottery result chart here on this website. But you can also get on the official website for Raja Rani results. Follow the steps below to get the coupon result chart for the Raja Rani lottery.

  • Visit the official website of this lottery

  • Here select the date for which you want the result chart

  • Next you need to select show

  • This will bring you the Raja Rani lottery result for the day you chos

Things To Remember When You Play Raja Rani

There are certain things that you need to keep in mind while participating or playing the Raja Rani lottery. While buying the lottery ticket make sure that you know the time for which you have bought the lottery and name of the lottery as this will make sure that you get the results correct and are not confused. Check this website for the results which will be posted as soon as the results are declared. Make sure you double check the number on your ticket and the number declared and if you have won make sure you claim the reward.

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