Roblox Profile Picture Update 2022, How To Edit Profile Picture On Roblox?


Roblox is a famous online gaming platform players use to play the genes other game developers make. Many players have their official account in Roblox to play games on it. The users of Roblox are wanted to know the steps to change and edit their profile picture in Roblox. Now the steps to change profile pictures on Roblox is available. Read this article, and get to know the new updates about the Roblox profile Picture.

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Roblox Profile Picture Update 2022

As per the Source of, we learned that some steps have been available to update Roblox Profile Update 2022, but this feature is not available to everyone because now it is in the beta stage. The users of Roblox need to check your App Store to get to know the new updates about Roblox or wait until the feature leaves its beta stage.

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How To Change Your Roblox Profile Picture On Pc?

Now a few options are available to Edit and change the profile Picture On Roblox. At present, this feature is not available to everyone. The viewers are asked to cross-check about it in their App Store. Here, we have given some simple steps to Edit the profile Picture On Roblox.

How To Edit Profile Picture On Roblox ?

Now we will see some simple steps to edit the profile picture on Roblox.

Step 1: Select the Roblox App On Your Mobile Device

We can edit the profile picture on Roblox only through mobile devices. We will update you if we get any information about editing the profile picture on Roblox on PC or Xbox.

Step 2: Use Avatar Editor Option

Roblox users can edit their profile picture by using Avatar Editor Option, and we can find the option inside the avatar editor and select the Edit profile Picture option.

Step 3: Select the Emote from Your Inventory.

Select the emote option from Robloxian’s inventory. Select this option to edit ao adjust your avatar frame.

Step 4: Saving the changes that you have made in your profile picture

After all the options for updating the Roblox picture, just click the save button to apply the new profile picture to your Roblox Profile.

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