Ryan Dunn Car Accident, Who Died With Ryan Dunn? Was Ryan Dunn Drunk? Ryan Dunn How Did He Die?

Ryan Dunn Car Accident

Ryan Matthew Dunn, an American stunt performer known as one of the stars of the MTV reality stunt show Jackass and its film franchise was involved in a car accident that happened in 2011. Despite being more than decade fans of Ryan Dunn are not over his death and many who do not know him wonder about the Ryan Dunn Car Accident. 

The violent impact of the Ryan Dunn Car Accident killed not just this Tv personality but also the co-passenger. To know more about the Ryan Dunn Car Accident and who died with Ryan Dunn and along with the cause of Ryan Dunn’s death continue reading the sections below


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Who Died With Ryan Dunn?

According to the Guardian Ryan Dunn car accident killed not just the Jackass actor but also a co-passenger. Dunn, who was 34 at the time of the crash, was with a friend. Zachary Hartwell was Ryan Dunn’s passenger who died with Ryan Dunn. Ryan Dunn car accident happened early on Monday – 20 June 2011 just a few days after Ryan’s birthday which was on 11 June.

Was Ryan Dunn Drunk?

The Guardian also reported that Ryan Dunn car accident happened shortly after Ryan and his passenger left Barnaby pub in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Dunn’s Twitter showed a photo of the pair and a third man drinking just hours before the Ryan Dunn crash, but the photo has since been taken down. Jim O’Brien, the manager of Barnaby’s, reported to the Philadelphia Inquirer that Dunn was indeed drinking with several friends at the bar, though he didn’t appear drunk.

Ryan Dunn How Did He Die?

It is clear from the above sections on Ryan Dunn car accident that this crash was the cause of his death. But the preliminary examination of the crash site according to the Guardian suggested that Dunn’s Porsche may have been travelling at more than 100mph speed in the 55mph zone. It was during this time that the car jumped a guard rail, flew into a wooded ravine, struck a tree and burst into flames.


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Ryan Dunn Funeral

Not much details of Ryan Dunn funeral has been revealed by the family and friends of Ryann Dunn. But MTv and Daily Mail reported that Ryan Dunn’s family arranged for a private memorial for Ryan Dunn following the Ryan Dunn car accident that killed Ryan Dunn and his passenger. Mtv also reported that “friends and family members flooded a suburban Philadelphia funeral home on Wednesday for a private memorial service in honor of the “Jackass” star, who was killed in a car crash Monday morning.”

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