What happened to Sheryl Underwood? Is the comedian still in the Talk?

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Sheryl Underwood is the host of the talk show THE TALK, which won a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Hosts.

Underwood is a multifaceted businesswoman who manages her dual roles as owner and CEO of Pack Rat Productions.

Among Underwood’s credits are “Beauty Shop,” “Bulworth,” and “I Got the Hook-Up,” all starring Queen Latifah.

Underwood has hosted BET’s “Comic View” and “Holla,” a chat show she created and produced that was based on Bill Maher’s “Politically Incorrect.”

Sheryl Underwood’s Current Location: Is She Still In The Talk?

Underwood is still the show’s host and has signed a multi-year contract to serve on the show’s panel through Season 15, as well as a new two-year first-look agreement with CBS Studios.

Underwood and her co-hosts shared a Daytime Emmy Award in 2017 for their work on “The Talk,” which she joined in September 2011 as the show began its second season.

Similarly, Underwood was surprised to learn that the network was interested in her when she was first approached to join the series because she was best known as a stand-up comedian who performed on HBO’s “Def Comedy Jam.”

What Happened To Michael, Her Husband?

Three years after their marriage, her husband Michael committed suicide in 1990. Sheryl remained silent about the incident for many years before speaking out in 2011.

Sheryl spoke to People about how the tragedy affected her and how she remembers Michael’s final moments with her.

She and the chef had been together for about seven years before marrying in 1987. He was known to have suffered from clinical depression. Sheryl was deeply affected by the tragedy and did not openly discuss it until decades later.

Furthermore, the tragic death of designer and fashion icon Kate Spade was discussed in an episode of The Talk that aired on June 6, 2018, allowing Sheryl to share some insights into what it’s like to care for someone who is struggling with mental health issues.

Weight Loss Journey of Sheryl Underwood

Underwood, who weighed 230 pounds at her heaviest, appeared noticeably thin to fans. Users on Twitter praised the host’s appearance.

Along with sharing her strategies, Underwood revealed that she had lost 50 pounds. Getting enough rest, being active, practicing gratitude, praying, and drinking water was all beneficial to her.

The host stated that she relied on Metamucil, a fibre supplement, and that she always made it a point to keep it visible in her diet.

Underwood then began eating high-fiber bread and cereal for breakfast. She also reduced her intake of highly processed foods and her stress level while increasing her physical activity.

Furthermore, unlike some people, Underwood frequently weighed herself to determine whether her diet changes were effective.

She explained that she weighed herself when she awoke when she got home from work, and before going to bed. “I’m also trying to drink eight glasses of water every day,” she added.

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