Susie McCabe: Who Is She? What You May Not Have Known About The Comic

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Susie McCabe is a Scottish stand-up comedian. She got her start in comedy by taking a drunken dare. She had to decide between stripping naked and chugging shots of liquor. Susie went with the latter. She had no idea that once the shot was fired, she would realize that comedy was her calling.

Susie’s performances are popular, which explains why she is a fast-selling performer at comedy festivals and events. Susie was described as “a naturally funny storyteller and a genuine stand-up” by Kevin Bridge, a well-known Scottish comedian. This statement is also included in her Twitter bio.

Susie McCabe: Who Is She?

Susie McCabe is a Scottish comedian, writer, and storyteller. She, on the other hand, had no intention of holding these titles from the start.

McCabe was born in Garrowhill, Glasgow’s East End, to a Catholic family in 1980. According to her birth year, she will be 42 years old in 2022. McCabe is not her family’s only child. Her older brother is eight years older than she is.

Yes, McCabe was raised in a strict Catholic household, but she never let that influence her self-esteem. She discovered she was a lesbian when she was eight years old. Susie took her time and revealed her sexual orientation to her family when she was 17 years old. Though many were concerned, upset, and disappointed by the news she delivered at the time, she was content with her decision to begin living with the identity she prefers.

The ease of living with your true identity must have enchanted the 42-year-old full-time comedian to excel in her field. Susie, on the other hand, did not set out to be a comedian.

McCabe initially wanted to be an electrician and even went through the training. She started as an electrician and worked her way up to the position of the estimator. McCabe’s life began to take shape after that. She was 26 years old when she bought her first home with her ex-partner, thanks to her employment and career.

Susie and Her Success in the Comedy Business

Susie recognized her potential in the entertainment industry after a stand-up comedy performance she gave while intoxicated with her friends after establishing herself in the construction sector. She took the opportunity seriously and signed up for Viv Gee’s comedy class.

Following that, McCabe received numerous job offers from a variety of sources. She first performed a stand-up stage near Shotts at a golf club. With its success, Alan Anderson, the comedian, took a chance on her and gave McCabe her first lead role and first-ever long show

Following that, Janey Godley, another stand-up comedian, wrote to The Stand, a gig platform, requesting that McCabe be booked for shows. Furthermore, a slew of other stand-up comedians assisted her in landing solo gigs. Kevin Bridges stands out among them because he genuinely supported McCabe. She had a gift for comedy, which Kevin constantly praised and told everyone he met about.

Furthermore, McCabe’s participation in local comedy festivals was a step forward in her career as a comedian. It made it easier for her to create and produce her own comedy performances on a yearly basis. McCabe, who has written for a number of successful shows, believes that Born Believer is her best work to date.

Furthermore, she remains one of the most popular performers at the Glasgow International Comedy Festival. She has received numerous accolades and awards in Scottish comedy, including Best Headliner and Best Show for her solo show Domestic Disaster.

Her raconteur flair and razor-sharp punchlines are what keep her shows entertaining.

Susie McCabe’s Personal Life: Girlfriend and Net Worth

The stand-up comedian’s current relationship status is unknown, but she has spoken openly about her previous relationship.

She was in a sixteen-year relationship with her girlfriend, whose name was not revealed, two of which they were married. In 2019, she revealed her previous relationship during her Fast Fringe stand-up comedy performance. Susie must be the same girl who bought a house in 2006.

Following that, in 2020, she was seen posting a lockdown haircut photo with a woman she referred to in the caption as her “GF.” She’s probably in a relationship right now.

Moving on to McCabe’s earnings, credible websites have not released exact figures for her net worth, but we can speculate. A comedian’s income is influenced by talent, notoriety, location, and performance style, according to Indeed. Comedians in the opening act may only perform for 15 minutes and are paid $25 to $50 per performance. A headliner or feature act comedian typically earns between $50 and $100 per event. This figure rises as the comedian’s fan base and reputation grow.

Businesses and venues may hire feature acts or comedians for special events such as meetings, fundraisers, and celebrations. In certain circumstances, they may be paid more, up to $200 per event. Additionally, cruise lines hire comedians to entertain passengers, typically for $500 to $1,500 per act.

Comedians with large fan bases can plan comedy club tours across the country. Well-known entertainers can earn tens of thousands of dollars per week, depending on the number of gigs they do and the size of the club. Successful comedians who transition from stand-up to television or film roles earn the highest salaries. Each episode or film they make can earn anywhere from $10,000 to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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