Tina Dutta Dog Died, What Happened To Tina Datta Pet? Why Tina Out From Bigg Boss? Tina Dutta Dog Name

Tina Dutta Dog Died

Season 16 of Bigg Boss, which started in October, has been able to keep viewers interested. The contestants in the house are doing everything they can to entertain the audience. But a sad event happened in the most recent episode when Tina Datta’s pet dog passed away.

Bigg Boss 16’s November 3 episode became somewhat emotional. Inside the confessional, Bigg Boss called Tina Datta and informed her that something bad had happened in her personal life. The actress was heartbroken when she learned that her beloved dog, Rani, had died. In contrast, Archana Gautam and Soundarya Sharma clashed about who was in charge of cooking.

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What Happened To Tina Datta Pet?

When Tina Datta learns that her beloved dog Rani has passed away, the actress was shocked. When Bigg Boss told popular TV actress Tina Datta that her pet dog Rani had passed away, she began crying. The small-screen queen lost control of her emotions when the producers informed her that her beloved pet dog had passed away. The actor, who gained fame after portraying Ichcha, the main character in Uttaran, expressed her sorrow at the death of her pet.

Why Tina Out From Bigg Boss?

When Bigg Boss called Tina inside the confession room, she was surprised first. Bigg Boss informed her that something had happened in her personal life and that she would need to leave the house immediately. When Tina learned that her beloved dog Rani had died, she was heartbroken. She was instructed by Bigg Boss to exit the house through the right-hand side door.

After a while, Tina came back and was spotted crying uncontrollably. Shalin made an effort to comfort her. Tina broke the news to her roommates and expressed her regret at not being able to attend the funeral rites.’

When the actress returned home, she was seen sharing this information while crying. She broke down in tears and expressed her profound sadness about being unable to attend the funeral rites while inside the house.

Tina Dutta Dog Name

Rani is Tina Dutta’s Dog Name. In 2010, Tina adopted a crossbreed puppy named Rani. Rani and Bruno, her second Golden Retriever pet, were her family because she was living alone in the city. Rani’s health was impacted recently by a cancer that developed in her body. Before entering the Bigg Boss, Tina was completely focused on Rani’s health, rushing from one place to another to make sure she had the best care possible from the city’s top medical professionals. Tina is mourning the loss inside the house even though Rani is regrettably no longer with us.


Image Source: Instagram

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