Tom Selleck Health Update: Is Tom Selleck Sick? Did Tom Selleck Die? Is Tom Selleck Still Alive?

Tom Selleck Health Update

Tom Selleck, 76, is said to be in good health, despite rumours about his “incurable disease” circulating for quite some time. The National Enquirer, which had previously stated that Selleck would have to retire due to his deteriorating health, resurfaced in January 2021 with a report claiming the actor, who was suffering from ‘crippling arthritis,’ was taking steroids to ease the pain and help him with his movements. The article also discussed Selleck’s alleged vision loss. “Macho Tom is falling apart before our eyes.” an unnamed source claimed. 

Is Tom Selleck Sick?

Tom Selleck was born. American actor Thomas William Selleck is well-known. He was born on January 29, 1945, in Detroit, Michigan. He was born to Robert Dean Selleck, a real estate investor and executive, and Martha Selleck. Robert, Martha, and Daniel are his three siblings. In 1948, the entire family relocated from Detroit to Sherman Oaks, California. He attended Grant High School, where he graduated in 1962. He then transferred to Los Angeles Valley College before transferring to the University of Southern California to play for the Trojans men’s basketball team.

There have been several rumours in the media about the legendary actor’s health. Tom, 77, walks with a slight limp, which has sparked speculation that he has arthritis. On the other hand, Tom has not come out to deny or confirm the rumours because he lives a very private life.

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Did Tom Selleck Die?

The hoax was perpetrated by a YouTube channel known for spreading false rumours about celebrity deaths. On July 26, the channel’s more than 22,800 subscribers watched a video titled “10 Minutes Ago/ R.I.P. Tom Selleck / He died of a dangerous incurable disease / Goodbye Tom Selleck.”

The claim is not only devoid of evidence, but it also misspells the actor’s surname. Furthermore, the description only goes over his career and does not mention his fake death. Many people have slammed the channel in the comments for fabricating sick rumours about celebrities to gain attention. The same channel claims that Chuck Norris died today, which is just as ridiculous as Tom’s death hoax.

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Is Tom Selleck Still Alive?

Rumours of the actor’s apparent death gained traction on Sunday after a Facebook page dedicated to him called “R.I.P. Tom Selleck” received nearly one million “likes.” On Monday, July 25, the actor’s representatives formally declared Tom Selleck’s survival. “He now joins the long list of celebrities who have fallen for this con.” So stop believing anything you read on the internet; they said he is still alive and well.

Tom Selleck is still alive and well. The news of Tom Selleck’s death spread quickly and worried fans worldwide. The news, however, has since been proven to be a total fabrication, and it is just the most recent in a long line of false celebrity death rumours.

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