Tower Of Fantasy 2.0 Patch Notes, Tower Of Fantasy Server Status

Tower Of Fantasy 2.0 Patch Notes

Hotta Studio has released the latest Tower of Fantasy patch notes, which include numerous bug fixes and improvements to the game. While this maintenance update isn’t as significant as the upcoming Vera 2.0 update, which will introduce the gun-wielding Cobalt-B to the game, it does aim to improve gameplay.

On October 20, 2022, the Tower of Fantasy Vera update will go live. This means that Wanderers will have plenty of time to save resources for the upcoming character banners and prepare for the new bosses. Tower of Fantasy 2.0 Vera is the game’s first major update since its release. Not only are there two new locations, but there are also new raids, legendary bosses, and lethal weapons to master.

If that isn’t enough, Wanderers will certainly be able to use Lin, the game’s upcoming SSR Simulacrum. So, if you want to know everything about the Tower of Fantasy 2.0 Vera update, we’ve compiled all the information in one place for you here.

Tower Of Fantasy 2.0 Vera Update Livestream

Hotta Studio will host a Livestream event for the Tower of Fantasy 2.0 Vera update on October 13 at 1 PM PT on YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter. The stream will include a detailed look at the entire Vera update. In addition, fans can look forward to exclusive content, new announcements, and watch rewards. We’ll update this section as soon as we receive more information from the developers.

Tower Of Fantasy 2.0 Vera Update New Areas

The Tower of Fantasy 2.0 Vera update will introduce a number of new areas to the game, with the goal of expanding on the game’s expansive open world. These are their addresses:

Both of these areas will provide Wanderers with new missions, events, raids, instances, monsters, and legendary bosses to face, as well as new vehicles and weapons to master.

The developers point out that the most difficult challenge awaits in the Grayspace, a section of the Desert Gobby. Wanderers will face incredibly tough enemies once they enter the Grayspace.

Grey space Entities take many forms and are to blame for the deterioration of Vera’s already fragile ecology. The most dangerous of these are known as Abyssants, but taking them down will reward players handsomely.

Tower Of Fantasy 2.0 Vera Update Banners

While Hotta Studio has yet to reveal the Tower of Fantasy 2.0 Vera character banners, they have teased some upcoming units. In fact, the trailer featured Lin, Ruby, and Saki Fuwa, all of whom are expected to appear in the new expansion.

While the developers did not officially reveal Lin’s inclusion in the 2.0 update, the trailer strongly emphasised her. The new SSR summons waves of Aberration attacks with her Shadow Weaver.

So, that’s all we know for the time being about the Tower of Fantasy 2.0 Vera update. Check our Tower of Fantasy page for the most recent news.

Tower Of Fantasy Server Status

Server issues are unavoidable for a variety of reasons, so it’s always a good idea to check to see if they’re up and running before diving into a game and becoming frustrated because it won’t load.

Server issues can take many forms, including queueing, login, and connection issues. Here’s how to check the Tower of Fantasy server status:

Follow the official ToF Twitter account and see if any tweets mention the servers being down. Visit the News Section on the game’s official website as it is updated when widespread server issues are reported. The game has an official Discord server that will also provide relevant information when the servers aren’t working or are down for maintenance.

Of course, players can always launch Tower of Fantasy to see if the servers are operational. If the servers are down, they will most likely receive an error message when attempting to log in.

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