Trevor Lee Morris: Stabbed In Prison? South Caroline Man

trevor morris

In February 2018, a 27-year-old man, Trevor Lee Morris, (who was then 24 years old) from South Caroline was arrested for recording a minor nudity video without her consent.

He was charged with numerous legal charges after a child pornography investigation was held.
Although there is a widespread rumor circulating around as to Trevor Lee Morris getting stabbed, there is no information on Morris getting stabbed in prison.

As of now, he is facing his charges: 10 counts of third-degree sexual exploitation of a minor, 11 counts of second-degree exploitation, and two counts of first-degree sexual exploitation, according to the S.C. Attorney General’s office.

Morris recorded the nude videos of a minor victim who was below 18 years and also leaked the sexually abusive images of the victim.

However, on Friday morning (February 23, 2019), Morris was released on a bond of $12,500 and was given the order to have no contact with the minor victim. Moreover, Morris was denied access to computer and the internet.

Attorney General’s Office Order

There is no legitimate source from reputed news agencies verifying the credibility of the information or news. However, as per the Attorney General’s Office, Morris has to face over 10 to 20 years in prison if he is convicted guilty of his crime.

During that time, Trevor Morris’ arrest news was viral, as he was a young boy arrested for the sexual exploitation of minors, which was almost three years back.

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