Valorant Give Back Bundle 2022, Riot Opens Voting For Valorant

Valorant Give Back Bundle 2022

The Give Back Bundle of Riot Game for Valorant players in 2022 went live and players voted for their favorite skins. This initiative was taken to allow gamers to make a difference in the community. The developers said in a tweet that a specific amount of funding would go directly to their Social Impact Fund.

By contributing to the Social Impact Fund financially, players could pick up a few highly sought-after skins, courtesy of the Give Back Bundle initiative.

Riot Opens Voting For Valorant

As stated by Riot Games on Twitter, voting for the Give Back Bundle began. Many cast their vote directly on the official page for Valorant on the social media website. The Give Back Bundle’s voting process lasted until October 23, 2022. Players also voted through Valorant’s official Facebook handle.

Give Back 2022 Bundle Release Date

According to Ginx, Riot officially revealed the Give Back 2022 Bundle release date, which is on 16th November. The price of the Give Back Bundle 2022 is unknown, but it could be around 6380 VP based on the cost of the one available in 2021.


Image Source: Twitter

Give Back 2022 Bundle Voting

Players would be able to select from 4 options that would make it into the Give Back Bundle.

To vote, fans would have to make a choice among the below options:

  • Magepunk Spectre or Radiant Crisis Spectre

  • Prime Classic or Gaia’s Vengeance Ghost

  • Forsaken Op or Reaver Odin

  • Oni Phantom or Neptune Vandal

If the voting was done, one skin from each option would make it into the final bundle. All the cosmetics up for voting are cherished by the community, and this makes it difficult for fans to pick just one from each class.

Riot Games Give Back 2022

Riot Games announced its first Give Back Bundle a year ago and the particular bundle gave players a chance to catch fan-favorite skins from Valorant. The Give Back Bundle could include exclusive player cards, sprays, and Gun Buddies. Valorant is a popular first-person hero shooter which was developed and published by Riot Games for MS Windows.

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