Voice Actor Sakurai Takahiro Cheating Scandal: What Did Sakurai Takahiro Do?

Takahiro Sakurai

Takahiro Sakurai is an Aichi Prefecture, Japan-based voice actor, narrator, and radio personality. In Ace of Diamonds, he played the main character Miyuki Kazuya. He has been Robert Pattinson’s official Japanese dub voice since Twilight. His vocal range is tenor. He is currently employed by INTENTION.


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Takahiro Sakurai Cheating

The recent scandal involving one of the series’ voices actors has shocked the Jujutsu Kaisen fandom. Takahiro Sakurai, the voice of Suguru Geto, was recently revealed to have been cheating on his wife for the past ten years. The news of his affair began circulating online earlier today, and Sakurai confirmed it. Fans are concerned about what this could mean for Jujutsu Kaisen season 2’s future. Takahiro’s departure from the series production team is possible. Continue reading to learn more about the problem.

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Why Was Voice Actor Takahiro Sakurai Cheating On His Wife?

Sakurai married a former voice actress for nearly 20 years, which he did not reveal to the public until September 2022, when he acknowledged a Shukan Bunshun report. Shukan Bunshun reported on October 26, 2022, that Sakurai was having an extramarital affair with a writer from his radio show, P.S. Genki Desu: Takahiro. The two had been in a relationship for ten years, with the intention of marrying; however, the writer was unaware of Sakurai’s marital status until September 2022.

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Takahiro Sakurai Wife

Takahiro Sakurai, best known as Cloud Strife in Final Fantasy VII, admitted to cheating on his wife for over ten years. “A-ko” is a writer for Sakurai’s radio show “P.S. Genki Desu. Takahiro.” She had no idea he was married already. Sakurai’s radio show “P.S. Genki Desu. Takahiro” ended its nine-year run recently. A-ko was working on the radio show with Sakurai, and she only found out about his marriage right before the recording of the final episode began. The shock was so intense that she decided to leave the writing business. According to various sources, she went to the emergency room after hearing the news.

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What Did Takahiro Do?

Takahiro’s ten-year affair began to circulate online just a few hours ago. The actor appears to have cheated on his wife with one of his radio show’s scriptwriters. The couple appears to have been together since before the show’s production began nine years ago, and the scriptwriter had no idea Takahiro was married. She was shocked after learning that the man she had been with for over a decade was married and had to be rushed to the hospital. Sakurai announced in episode 470 that his radio show would no longer be producing new episodes. His wife, whose identity is still unknown, has not spoken out about the situation. Takahiro has been in a relationship with his current wife for over 20 years, keeping their relationship hidden from the public and the media. Takahiro and the voice acting agency with which he works have issued public apologies in the scandal’s aftermath.

As per the source: sportskeeda 

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