What happened Between Kritika And Aditya? Why Kritika and Aditya Broke Up? Kritika And Aditya Divorce Reason?

What Happened Between Kritika And Aditya?

Kritika Khurana married Aditya Chhabra in a fairy-tale wedding that included Sukhmani Sahib Path, Mata ki Chowki, an engagement, a dhol night, Mehendi, and Haldi. The couple’s wedding attire, photos, and videos went viral on the internet, making the wedding the talk of Instagram.

Kritika Khurana, aka ‘that boho girl,’ a social media influencer, addressed the rumours of her and her husband’s divorce. Rumours about the couple’s marital problems began to circulate recently, and Khurana took to Instagram to officially clarify things. Aditya Chhabra recently deleted all of his Facebook posts that included Kritika Khurana. These posts included wedding photos and teasers, teasing fans that something was going on.

Why Kritika and Aditya Broke Up?

On October 12, Kritika Khurana posted on Instagram, “I know a lot of already know, but I wanted you to hear from me, since you’ve been such a big part of my journey for 8 years now. I’ve decided to separate and this decision has been harder than anything else I have ever had to do”. She confirmed her separation from her husband Aditya Chhabra after six months of marriage.

She allegedly talked about her marriage and wrote, “To be honest, life has been unfair to me recently. For the first couple of months, I chose to ignore and sacrifice my happiness because I constantly kept thinking of what the world will say.” Khurana claimed that she had had enough of her marriage after two months. She thanked everyone who helped her through this difficult decision and time, and she asked her fans to respect her decision to keep things private because they were still sensitive.

At the end of her post, she stated that she is still a romantic, implying that she does not have complete faith in the concept of love. She described it as a trying time for her and her family, and she stated that she will be closing this chapter of her life forever.

Kritika And Aditya Divorce Reason?

Known as ‘that boho girl,’ fashion blogger Krutika Khurana’s Her fans were taken aback by a post she made. Kritika married her boyfriend Aditya Chhabra with pomp and circumstance six months ago, and photos and videos of the weddings went viral on the internet. However, they only announced their divorce after 6 months. When Aditya Chhabra deleted all of Kritika’s photos from his Instagram page, fans assumed that something was wrong between the two. 

After some time, Kritika posted on her Instagram account, saying, “I am very brave, but sometimes I get an affair with me.” I know how to deal with any situation, and I have made many compromises, but I am no longer doing so. You have always been there for me, and I hope you will continue to do so. For me, divorce was a difficult decision.

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