What Happened New Kuta Hotel? Why Is New Kuta Hotel Abandoned in Bali?

New Kuta Hotel In Bali

The New Kuta Hotel is a perfect tropical getaway inspired by genuine Balinese culture. The hotel has modern rooms, stunning beach views, and amazing restaurants. Kelapa is located 5 mins away from Dreamland Beach. The New Kuta Hotel also offers a conference space with seating up to 700 people. Stay tuned to find out more interesting facts about the New Kuta Hotel.

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What Happened To New Kuta Hotel?

The New Kuta hotel got into the news as one of the tourists from Australia posted a video of the Kuta hotel. In the video, we can see that the Hotel is filthy and unattended. It was heartbreaking to watch the video since Kuta Hotel was considered one of the busiest hotels. The dusty furniture and the clutter proved the Hotel’s doomed during the COVID-19 period. Bali is a famous tourist destination. It is famous for its natural resources. Bali has iconic beaches, volcanic mountains, and coral reefs. Indonesia is famous for its resorts and food. This article will give you a clear idea of why the Kuta hotel has been abandoned in Bali.

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Why Is The New Kuta Hotel Abandoned In Bali?

According to the published resources, the New Kuta hotel was abandoned in Bali as there was no proper flow of tourists. Later the same site issued another article stating that the Hotel was not abandoned but was under renovation. The Bali association also gave an update regarding the Hotel under renovation. The video was posted by an Australian who had come to visit Bali and was shocked to see the Hotel like that. The executive director of “ The Bali Hotel Association” also mentioned that the Hotel was under renovation during the pandemic and that they needed some parts for renovation. He also added that the Hotel was expected to be reopened in 2021. 

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New Kuta Hotel In Bali Abandoned

The Australian posted the video in 2020. The new Kuta Hotel is back in operation. The Hotel is located at Pecatu South Kuta, Bali, Indonesia. It has rooms with ocean views, and there are a lot of good reviews about this Hotel. The hotel’s recreation centre is perfect for luxury guests besides accommodation and food and beverages. Rooms can be booked online through Agoda. Booking hotels online can help you save money with various offers. 

Reference Source – mjnet

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