What Happened To Andrew Schimmer Wife? Who Is Andrew Schimmer Wife?

Who Is Andrew Schimmer?

Andrew Schimmer is a famous Flipino actor, social media celebrity, and bodybuilder from the Philippines. Andrew is a popular face and has worked in different movies and television series. He got famous after appearing in the “Gagamboy” movie in 2004. Andrew’s real name is John Andrew Schimmer, and his other name is Romanza Braganza. His ethnicity is Asian racial, and his nationality is Filipino. This article will give you more deets on what happened to Andrew’s wife recently. 

What Happened To Andrew Schimmer’s Wife?

Actor Andrew Schimmer asks for prayers from his fans as his wife, Jorhomy Reina Rovero, is back in the hospital again after being at home for a week. In a Facebook video that Andrew posted, he mentioned that he had to bring his wife back to the hospital to stabilize her. Jo had to be admitted to the intensive care unit for a few days so that they could help stabilize Jho’s condition. He also said that they had to move her to another hospital but didn’t give any proper reason. On November 24, 2021, Andrew updated that Jho was bought to the hospital as she suffered severe cardiac arrest and hypoxia, the lack of oxygen in the brain. On October 10, 2022, he announced that he would be bringing his wife home after almost a year. Jho had been in the hospital for almost a year, and that would be the first time she stepped out of the hospital. Later in a separate video, he posted that he had brought his wife to the hospital again because of a high fever that wasn’t going down. 

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Who Is Andrew Schimmer’s Wife?

Jho Rovero is a model and an actress. She is famously known as the wife of Actor Andrew Schimmer. The model had been suffering from hypoxia for almost a year now. She was recently taken to hospital again after being at home only for a week. Schimmer posted a video on Facebook and asked his fans to pray for his wife, Jho. She had also0 suffered a severe asthma attack, which caused her cardiac episodes and other complications.  Let’s just hope that she recovers soon and gets back home.

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Andrew Schimmer and Wife

After almost a year, Andrew Schimmer had taken his wife Jho back home from the hospital on October 10. The actor posted this exciting video on Facebook. He also added that the entire family had gathered at the hospital to wish them well and to witness the special moment. Andrew told people that they’d be travelling home by ambulance. He promised to post an update later that day so we could see her reaction as they were homebound. Andrew also revealed how their medical bills ballooned to almost P3 million, which led to Andrew asking for financial aid to help his wife, saying they would accept any amount given.

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