What Happened to James Mitchum? Know James Mitchum Age, Bio, Wife, and More

James Mitchum Wiki 

James Mitchum is an actor from America. He got his first role when he was eight years old, along with Virginia Mayo, Joel McCrea, and Dorothy Malone. James Mitchum had his first role at the age of eight in the Western Colorado Territory with Joel McCrea, Virginia Mayo, and Dorothy Malone. He debuted in Thunder Road, where James played his father’s much younger brother. It was a role written for Elvis Presley, who was ready to do it till his manager demanded too much money.

What Happened To James Mitchum?

In real life, James Mitchum is not dead; he is alive. He is 81 years old at present and is living with his family. The death hoax about him is just only a rumour; he is alive. In reel life, in Young Guns of Texas, James Mitchum was shot in the chest by Robert Lowery during a big shoot-out. In the movie, The Tramplers, he was shot to death in a big shoot-out. In Hollywood Cop, he was killed in a fight/shoot-out with David Goss. In Mercenary Fighters, he was shot dead in the forehead by Reb Brown.

James Mitchum Age  

James Mitchum was born on 8th May 1941 in Los Angeles, California, U.S. He is 81 years old at present. He was born as the elder son of actor Robert Mitchum and Dorothy Spence. He has a brother named Christopher Mitchum, the uncle of actor Bentley Mitchum. He is the father of his only child. He shares his child with actress Wende Wagner, his former wife. 

James Mitchum Bio

Specifications Details
Name James Mitchum
Age 81
Former Spouse Wende Wagner
Height 191cm
Nationality American
Networth $1 Million

James Mitchum’s Wife

As per whosdatedwho.com, Wende Wagner was the former wife of James Mitchum. Wende Wagner, known as Wendy Wagner, was an actress from America. She is famous for her roles in The Green Hornet and Rio Conchos. She was born to John H. Wagner, a U.S. Navy commander and swimming and diving coach father and Rudy Arnold Wagner, a mother who was a champion skier. Wende Wagner was raised on Coronado Island in California. She died on 26th February 1997.


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James Mitchum Networth

James Mitchum has a networth of $1 Million US Dollars. He has appeared in 30 movies which, include The Beat Generation in 1959 and The Victors in 1963. James acted as a surfer named Eskimo in Ride the Wild Surf in 1964, In Harm’s Way with John Wayne, Kirk Douglas, and Henry Fonda. James played the villain in The Invincible Six, then acted in Two-Lane Blacktop; and The Last Movie. James was also in Zebra Force and Trackdown, which co-starred Karen Lamm and Erik Estrada in 1976. 

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