What Happened To Wayne Smozanek? Street Outlaws Star Wayne Smozanek Bio, Wife, Net Worth, and Family

‘Street Outlaws’ Star Wayne Smozanek 

Wayne Smozanek was a famous monster truck driver out of Jupiter, Florida. He was popular as the creator and driver of the original Tropical Thunder. He also drove many other trucks, which include Night Life, Track Attack, and Pouncer. Wayne also drove Cowboy in Miami in 2008. He has been regular at heads-up drag racing events in a series of supercharged door slammers. He has been famous for driving the real deal monster truck named Tropical Thunder.

What Happened To Wayne Smozanek? 

Wayne Smozanek died in February 2022. He died on 12th February 2022 because of Covid-19 complications. After he died, the public began focusing on Wayne Smozanek’s wife, Wendy and his son Will Race Smozanek. Wayne died when he was 60 years old. The cause of his death was stated as Covid-19 complications. He has been fighting with the Covid-19 since early December. Wayne has been in intensive care for seven weeks per Wayne’s wife’s statement. 

Wayne Smozanek Wife

Wayne Smozanek met his wife, Wendy Davison, for the first time on 17th July 1988. Wayne came to Wendy’s house to participate in her sister’s birthday. They attended their first date on 7th August 1988, in Olive Garden. The pair dated for six years before they got married as per their plan. The couple celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary in December 2021.  


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Wayne Smozanek Family 

Wayne Smozanek has an age difference of 6 years from his wife, Wendy Davison. His wife, Wendy, was born on 12th August 1967; she is 54 years old. She is a native of Jupiter, Florida. She studied at Palm Beach Gardens High School in 1985. She also studied at Palm Beach State College. The couple has a son named Will Race Smozanek. His son Will was 17 years old on 23rd September 2021. More details about Wayne’s family members are not known. 

Wayne Smozanek Networth 

Wayne Smozanek had a networth of $1 million when he was alive. He was famous for driving monster trucks competitively. When he was 15 years old, his first car was a 1969 Impala super sport, which he drove. He appeared for the first time on the show in the 2020 or 2021 Mega Cash Days Filming. He was also a member of the 2021 Street Outlaws No Prep Kings tour. 

Wayne Smozanek Career

Wayne was a part of the “Street Outlaws” franchise in its No Prep Kings, America’s List, Mega Cash Days, and Spinoff programs. He drove a 1997 Probe with a 521 blown Hemi and an R980 screw blower. According to Wayne, driving is his dream job. Once, he was asked what he may have chosen if he did not have a driving career. He simply replied that he would have died if he did not have a driving career. Moreover, Wayne added that he would like to take his camper and go from coast to coast to see the country and relax. 

Wayne Smozanek Bio

Specifications Details 
Name Wayne Smozanek 
DOB July 14th 1960
Age(during death) 60
Spouse Wendy Davison
Profession Monster truck driver
Son  Will Race Smozanek
Networth $1 Million

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