What is blue and not heavy? Riddle: Check What is blue and not heavy? Riddle Answer Here

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There are many Riddles on the internet, one among them is this riddle. Here you can check the answer along with the explanation and lot more information.

Here is the What is blue and not heavy? Riddle for you!

Read the What is blue and not heavy? Riddle given below and to solve the puzzle. It’s really fun! 

“What is blue and not heavy at all?”

Can you guess the riddle?

What is the answer to the What is blue and not heavy? Riddle?

Check whether the answer you guess is what given below:

The answer for What is blue and not heavy? Riddle is “Light Blue.”


In this riddle, the one who is trying to solve must read between the lines carefully. It is just given in simple words and can find the answer for this riddle easily. Here, What is blue and not heavy at all? Riddle is very funny and we think very logically, but its answer is very much simple and easy as Light Blue. Beacause Light is just an opposite word of Heavy which is given in the question. 


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