What Kind Of Table Has No Legs? Riddle: Check The Answer And Explanation

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A riddle is actually framed in the form of a phrase, question, or statement with which may have two or more meanings. People love and enjoy solving the riddles. Conundrums were actually questions that relied on punning in either the query or the responses for their effect, and enigmas were problems. They are phrased in metaphorical or allegorical language and require careful thought to solve. People use WhatsApp groups to share a lot of challenges, games, and riddles. With these games, one can interact with friends, coworkers, or anyone. You may have received a variety of riddles and quizzes over social media. Due to the COVID-19 shutdown across the country, the riddles keep people exciting, and it helps you to brush up on your skills. Here is a popular riddle called What kind of table has no legs?.

There are many Riddles on the internet, one among them is this riddle. Here you can check the answer along with the explanation and lot more information.

What kind of table has no legs?

There are a variety of riddles like math riddles, comic riddles, brainteasers, and puzzles. You can find riddles on the internet. They will certainly give your brain a workout. Anyone can solve riddles, and there is no age limit for that. What kind of table has no legs Riddle, these types of riddles will increase your sharpness. If you solve these kinds of riddles, it may be addictive as it is really fun solving. Discover our new collection of riddles and brain teasers. Everyone loves solving riddles and brain teasers, and if you think you are already a pro at solving tricky riddles, put yourself to the test with these and try out What kind of table has no legs Riddle.

What kind of table has no legs Riddle – Answer

“What kind of table has no legs Riddle” Riddle seems simple, but for some people, it is not. Check the answer for What kind of table has no legs Riddle.

Riddle: What kind of table has no legs?

Answer: The answer is Periodic Table

What kind of table has no legs Riddle – Explanation

The answer for What kind of table has no legs?.” Riddle is a Periodic Table. One can easily find the answer from the given riddle. Riddles are fun and more beneficial. You will imagine more than one way to solve this kind of riddle. Isn’t the answer for What kind of table has no legs?.” Riddle is fun? Yes! Sometimes the complicated question of the riddle ends in a simple way like this riddle. There are more logical thinking riddles like this to crack on our website.

Benefits of Riddles

It was not easy to define riddles accurately. The riddle could possibly be broken down into many other parts, such as charades, doodles, and jokes. Solving riddles will bring a smile to your face once solved. It makes us laugh and relaxes our brain and body. It helps us to release stress and encourage positive mental health. Riddles also help children to develop their problem-solving skills and logic and critical thinking skills as well. If you try to solve a riddle for a specific period of time, it increases your concentration and makes your focus steady. Riddles are an amazing way to stay motivated. Riddles will also improve children’s creativity and comprehension. They can learn new words and how to pronounce them as well. Riddles helps everyone to keep digging until the problem is solved, which builds the never give up attitude in one.

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