Where Is Dom Gabriel From The Mole Now? Dom Gabriel Family Background

The Mole

Netflix’s ‘The Mole,’ a reboot of the ABC original cult-classic competition series of the same name, based on the Belgian production ‘De Mol,’ can only be described as riveting. It revolves around 12 players, well, 11 and a saboteur, as they complete various challenges while attempting to uncover the traitor among them to win the prize pot. Among them was the incredibly sincere Dom Gabriel, but he was sadly eliminated in episode 4, so if you want to learn more about him and his current position, here’s what we know.

Where Is Dom Gabriel From The Mole Now?

Dom, from what we can tell, still lives in Toronto, Canada, where he works as a warehouse worker and performs as a singer-songwriter under the moniker DNTCALL. On his Instagram account, he has recently begun referring to himself as “Netflix’s first rockstar,” which is a perfect representation of who he is in terms of his innate confidence. The 29-year- old is then filled with his music, professional modelling shoots, memories with his loving mother, and even his emotional, nerdy side, which covers every other aspect of his being. 

According to Netflix’s Tudum, Dom is a passionate boxer and a lyrical dancer whose steady job is officially a Heavy Machinery Operator at a local Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream factory. Furthermore, the rising artist has already released a few singles, including “Truth or Dare,” “Drunk Texts & Missed Calls,” “Drowning,” and “7 Minutes in Heaven,” all of which are currently available on Spotify. Dom’s career is just starting, and we can’t wait to see what he does next!

The Mole Journey by Dom Gabriel

Dom was one of the most serious contenders from the beginning because he played a fair game and made quick, close, and genuine connections. So his strategy was to put as much money into the pot as quickly as possible while carefully forming alliances to find the moles through direct, trusted teamwork. He is 6’4″ tall, has numerous tattoos, and is competitive, so he could easily have played an evil character. But, on the other hand, his kind personality was far too powerful to allow that to happen.

Dom’s primary motivation for appearing on this reality show was to raise funds for his mother. This earned him the respect of the show’s host, his fellow cast members, and the audience. She was the sole provider for the Toronto native, so even though he now considers her his best friend, all he has ever wanted to do is repay her in any way, shape, or form. So, when he was kicked out of the competition and allowed to return immediately, he tried his luck, but it didn’t work. So he only took the experience home with him.

Dom Gabriel Family Background

Dom Garbiel’s mother, Tanya Gabriel, gave birth to him in 1993. As a result, she raised him as his sole parent. Dom was praised by the show’s host, his fellow cast members, and the general public for participating in the reality series solely to help his mother financially. The Toronto native, raised solely by his mother, now regards her as his best friend, but he has always attempted to repay her in any way he can.

In their hometown of Pickering, Ontario, Canada, his mother works as a client connection manager for Industrial Alliance. She previously worked for Manulife for 22 years in various capacities. Dom’s academic background includes time spent at the University of Guelph between 2011 and 2015. While attending university, he worked as an extended practice monitor.

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