Where Is Justin Turner Now And What Happened To Him?


Who is Justin Turner?

Since he first joined the Dodgers, Justin Turner has been the centre of the club. He has been an excellent investment for Los Angeles, whether it is for his clutch ability at the plate or the seasoned presence he provides to the clubhouse.

Turner missed Friday’s 5-1 victory against the San Francisco Giants after exiting Thursday’s game in the middle of it.

What Happened To Justin Turner?

Before his final at-bat on Thursday, Turner had abdominal pain while warming up in the Dodgers’ batting cage.

Any time a player is hurt, it’s important to be concerned. However, there are even more reasons to be concerned when a player is older than 30, as Turner is.

The Dodgers’ batting order would suffer greatly if he were to miss a lot of games, so we can only hope that he won’t be sidelined for an extended period of time.

While it is true that he had a horrible start to the season, he has improved much since then and this performance is consistent with his earlier ones.

Through the first few games of this season, the player, 37, has a slashing record. 233 at-bats, including eight home runs and a total of 53 runs batted in, according to the Dodgers.

Where Is Justin Turner, A Third Baseman In Baseball, Now?

Justin was forced to leave Thursday’s game due to stomach problems, and he most likely won’t be able to participate in the most of this weekend’s series against the Giants.

Although he believes the injury to be very minor, he was unable to participate in the games on Thursday and Friday.

The 37-year-old player’s injury in the opening game of the second half is not a good omen, but at least it does not seem to be a major problem right now.

The management wasn’t sure if he would be able to play on Friday or if he would need to take a day or two off from the lineup.

Update on Justin Turner’s Injury

Justin’s condition has somewhat improved since yesterday. However, he won’t be able to rejoin the lineup for a few days—possibly even two or three. Although it doesn’t seem like his condition is life-threatening, there is still time to sort of let things play out and see what happens.

Justin Turner of the Los Angeles Dodgers was unable to participate in the club’s first game following the All-Star break due to what the team described as abdominal soreness.

Turner was not in the starting lineup for the Dodgers on Friday, but manager Dave Roberts was confident that the team could avoid any major problems despite Turner’s absence. In the remaining games of the series against the San Francisco Giants, this is probably going to continue to occur.

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