Who Is Charo? Charo Songs, Age, Net worth, Instagram, Husband, Kids, And More

Who Is Charo?

Charo is an American-Spanish comedian, actress, singer, and guitarist born on Jan 15, 1951. She started playing guitar at nine years old. Her Real name is Maria Rosario Pilar Martinez Molina Baeza, but she is known as Charo, which is her stage name. She also did some national talk shows for which she gained national fame. She also participated in dance-based reality tv shows in the year 2017.

Charo Songs

Charo started her singing career in the year 1977. Over the years, she has worked with a lot of songs. Listing down a few of her famous works.

Song Name Year
Ole ole 

from  ole ole

Dance a Little Bit Closer

From Cuchi-Cuchi


From Guitar Passion

Love Boat Theme

From ole ole

Espana Can 2008

Charo Age

Age is just an attribute that is used to describe humans. When it comes to social media, artists, or celebrities, people are curious to know the age of the people they are more fond of. On that note, Charo is 71 yrs old as of 2022. 

Charo Networth

Net worth determines one person’s annual income and capability to earn theri living. Charo has a net worth of around $ 15 Million as of 2022. She has built her own empire with her career. Her main source of income has always been singing.

Charo Instagram


Image Source :Instagram

Instagram is a social media platform where celebrities maintain their account with a good count of followers. They update their profile pics, put up pictures, and update their day-to-day life in the stories. While scrolling through Charo’s account, she has over 238k followers. She also seems to be a model as she is modestly dressed and poses for pictures.


Image source :Instagram

She also uploads her songs as short videos, trending as reels on Instagram.

Charo Husband  

Charo’s First Husband was Xavier Cugat. The couple was married in the year 1966. This couple did not have any children. Xavier and Charo were divorced in the year 1978. Later Charo married Kjell Rasten in the same year. This couple had a kid. In 2019, Rasten committed suicide because of an illness. He was diagnosed with Bullous pemphigoid, a rare skin disease. He decided to end his pain as he could not take up the medications, which was so depressing.

Charo Kids


Image source :Instagram

Charo did not have any kids with her first husband. After she divorced Cugat, She married Rasten in the year 1978. This couple has a kid, Shel Rasten, born in 1981. He was a drummer by profession and worked for the Treazen band 

Charo Bio

Specifications Details
Real name María Rosario Pilar Martínez Molina Baeza
Professional name Charo
DOB & Age January 15, 1951

71 as of 2022

Occupation Singer, dancer, Guitarist
Spouse Xavier Cugat(1966-1978)

Kjell Rasten( 1978 – died 2019)

Children Shel Rasten

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