Who Is Christa Tyler? The Teacher From Round Rock Criticized By Parents


Christa Tyler is an instructional technology specialist in the Round Rock Independent School District. She graduated from Texas A&M University in 2004.

She worked as an English Language Arts teacher in Austin area districts for nine years before becoming an ITS. She mentioned that she aims to smoothly integrate technological applications into the district’s classroom curriculum on her website.

She also acts as the webmaster for Grisham Middle School and manages the school’s social media presence. In addition, she is a Google Certified Trainer and a Level 1 and 2 Certified Google Educator.

Teacher Christa Tyler From Round Rock Criticized By Parents

Parents have criticized Christa Tyler from Round Rock for mocking them through Dr. Seuss-style poems. Of course, the parents are just demanding that their children do not have access to books containing sexual content, but she called them Kooks and Bigots.

Dustin Clark, a father of four who was arrested earlier this year for speaking out at a school board meeting, stated that he feels disgusted that there are teachers in the school who it is OK to mock parents for their religious beliefs, writes Daily Mail.

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