Who Is Claudia Winkleman Married To? Know Claudia Winkleman Husband, Age, Family, Bio, Net Worth, Children, Height

Who Is Claudia Winkleman Married To?

Claudia Winkleman is a television presenter, radio personality, film critic, and journalist born on 15 January 1972. Her full name is Claudia Anne Irena Winkleman. Claudia Winkleman got married to film producer Kris Thykier. They have been together but married at Marylebone Town Hall in June 2000, so it’s been over two decades. Kris has worked in the entertainment industry for several years. He is famous for a film he produced, Woman in Gold. As per hellomagazine, she got married to Kris Thykier.


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Claudia Winkleman Husband

The BBC presenter and Radio 2 host are rather tight-lipped regarding the great marriage, but she does indeed have a sweet husband. Claudia married film producer Kris Thykier at Marylebone Town Hall in June 2000. The producer has worked in the industry and is famous for his work on Woman in Gold (2015) and The Debt (2010). Claudia had never cooked dinner for Kris or repaired his shirts. The couple is living their life peacefully with no expectations. As per hellomagazine, Claudia Winkleman’s husband is Kris Thykier.


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Claudia Winkleman Age

Even though many people in society do not like talking about their age, people discriminate or judge whether they are old or young. You might as well wonder what is Claudia Winkleman’s age as well. Winkleman was born on 15 January 1972 in London to a Jewish family. Hence, she is 50 years old now. If you work on your dream with dedication, you can achieve it at any cost. With her talent and hard work, Claudia Winkleman was nominated for the British Academy Television Award for Best Entertainment Performance. As per the smoothradio, Claudia Winkleman is 50 years old.

Claudia Winkleman Family

Winkleman was born in London. Claudia was born to mom Eve Pollard and dad Barry Winkleman. Her parents divorced when she was three, both remarrying four years later. Winkleman initially pursued an education at the City of London School. After that, she obtained a Master of Arts in   New Hall, Cambridge. Claudia is married to Kris Thykier. He is a film producer, has been part of the film industry for many years, and is known for his blockbuster film The Woman in Gold. 

Claudia Winkleman Biography

Particulars Details
Name Claudia Anne Irena Winkleman
Birth 15 January 1972
Age 50 years old
Height 1.65 m
Weight 53 kg
Alma Mater New Hall, Cambridge

Claudia Winkleman Networth

Claudia Winkleman is known for her famous role on  Strictly Come Dancing BBC show. She’s just returned to our screens as one-half of the presenting duo on Strictly Come Dancing. Our Claudia Winkleman’s networth is impressive and comes under $ 12 million. Our  Claudia Winkleman worked hard every time and made a networth level to the extent. She is a  journalist who has become one of the most recognized faces on TV. As per the express, Claudia Winkleman’s networth is  $ 12 million.

Claudia Winkleman Children

Winkleman got married to film producer Kris Thykier. The couple has three children, namely Jake, Matilda, and Arthur. On 31 October 2014, Winkleman’s eight-year-old daughter Matilda was taken to hospital after being seriously injured when her Halloween costume caught fire. Thankfully, Matilda made a full recovery. Claudia shared about her children “I love him more than others love their kids, but this is something special that parents have to go through.” As per metro, Claudia Winkleman has three children.


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Claudia Winkleman Height

Height only doesn’t show one’s talent, personality, and character. Don’t come to judgments based on the person’s height. Everyone is interested to know about Claudia Winkleman’s height. Surprisingly Claudia Winkleman’s height is 1.65 m. As a television presenter, radio personality, and journalist, she spent time on her physical activities. Claudia maintained her physique and justified her role in the shows. As per superstarsbio, Claudia Winkleman’s height is 1.65 m.

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