Who Is Sukesh Chandrasekar? Check Out Sukesh Chandrasekar Age, Wife, Girlfriend, And More

Who Is Sukesh Chandrasekahar?

Sukesh Chandrasekhar is a Conman, portraying himself as a Real Estate Agent himself as a business. He cheats on many people. He has been involved in various criminal activities across India. He used to be presented as a relative of politicians and cheated people. This article will give us a short overview of his crime lists.

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Sukesh Chandrasekhar Age

Sukesh Chandrasekhar is 32 Years old. He was born and bought up in Bangalore, Karnataka. He did his education at Madurai University. He committed a series of criminal activities in society by portraying himself as a businessman and Real Estate Agent. There is no information available about his early life. We will update you if we get any new information regarding his family background.

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Sukesh Chandrasekhar Wife

Sukesh Chandrasekhar’s wife’s name is Leena Maria Paul. She is a film actress and plays supporting roles in movies. There are no details or information available about their marriage. According to various, we came to know that the couple got separated in the year 2011 but soon they became united.

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Who Is Serial Conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar?

Sukesh Chandrashekhar was born and bought up in Bangalore. He belongs to a middle-class family. He committed criminal activities of cheating people from his teenage onwards and got arrested for cheating his friend for Rs.1.5 Crore, portraying himself as a son of a well-known Senior Politician. Then he was associated with a various number of crimes. Recently he got arrested for Rs.200 Crore money for a Laundering case, and many politicians and well-known people in the society were associated with him.

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Sukesh Chandrasekhar’s Net Worth

Sukesh Chandrasekhar is known by the people for his series of crimes. Born and bought up in the middle class, he is living a sophisticated life by cheating and restoring people for money. His Networth was estimated at around $ 200 Crores. If we get any Information About his networth means, we will update you.

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Sukesh Chandrasekhar Bio

Specifications Details
Name Sukesh Chandrasekahar
Birth Year 1989
Birth Place Bangalore, Karnataka
Education Madurai University
Marital Status Married

Sukesh Chandrasekhar Girlfriend

 As Per the Source of newsunzip.com, we learned that Sukesh Chandrasekhar’s Girlfriend, Jacqueline Fernandez, is a well-known Bollywood Actress. Her intimate photos with Sukesh became viral on social media after the arrested of sukesh in the cheating case. There is only limited information available about Sukesh Chandrasekhar. We will update you if we get any new information about him.

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Sukesh Chandrasekhar Family

Sukesh Chandrasekhar was born and bought up in Bangalore in a middle-class family. His father’s name is Vijayan Chandrashekhar. From his childhood, Sukesh had developed a deep desire to live a luxurious life which is the critical factor for his unethical life and series of crimes. There is only limited information available about Sukesh Chandrasekhar. We will update you if we get any new information about the Sukesh Chandrasekhar Family.

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Sukesh Chandrasekhar Business

Sukesh Chandrasekhar started a company called King Investment. From that company, he was cheated of nearly 2000 Crores from his Investors. He uses his business to cheat people. Apart he has committed a series of crimes by portraying himself as an influential businessman.

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