Who Owns Safeway Grocery Store? Is Safeway Owned By Kroger?

What Is Safeway?

According to the report from Forbes, it has been reported that Safeway, Inc. is engaged in North America’s food and drug retailing business. It has an extensive distribution, manufacturing, and food-processing facilities to support retail operations. In 1915, Safeway was founded by M.B. Skaggs and was headquartered in Pleasanton, CA. Safeway provides a full array of grocery items, food, and general merchandise and features a variety of specialty departments, such as Floral, bakery, delicatessen, and pharmacy, as well as Starbucks coffee shops and fuel centers. The company owns and operates many GroceryWorks. LLC is an online grocery channel doing business under Vons.com, Safeway.com, and Genuardis.com. Safeway changed its name from Safeway Stores, Inc. to Safeway, Inc. in February 1990.


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Who Owns Safeway Grocery Store?

According to the report from Sacbee, it has been reported that In 1999, Albertsons obtained the parent company of Acme Markets. In 2015, the company obtained Safeway for a plus-minus $34.92 per share, according to a news release. There are around 243 Safeway locations in California, eight of which are in the Sacramento area. It also owns Lucky Stores, with locations across Northern California. Albertsons went public in 2020. According to NBC News, it tried to merge with Rite Aid in 2018, but the $24 billion deal faced opposition from several retail investors.

Is Safeway Owned By Kroger?

According to the report from NPR, it has been reported that Kroger is known to be the largest supermarket operator in the U.S., with 420,000 employees and more than 2,700 stores, including Ralphs, Harris Teeter, Fred Meyer, and King Soopers. Albertsons is the country’s second-largest supermarket company, with 290,000 employees and almost 2,300 stores, including Safeway and Vons. In the Friday announcement, Kroger said it would “reinvest approximately half a billion dollars of cost savings from synergies to reduce prices for customers” and invest $1 billion to raise wages and benefits for workers. Kroger plans to buy Albertsons in a deal valued at $24.6 billion, a merger that would combine the two largest grocery-store chains in the U.S., the companies said on Friday.


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Companies Owned By Kroger

According to the report from the official website of Kroger, it has been reported that it owns 19 companies, such as,

  • Baker’s

  • City Market

  • Dillons

  • Food 4 Less

  • Foods Co

  • Fred Meyer

  • Fry’s

  • Gerbes

  • Jay C Food Store

  • King Soopers

  • Kroger

  • Mariano’s

  • Metro Market

  • Pay-Less Super Markets

  • Pick’n Save

  • QFC

  • Ralphs

  • Ruler

  • Smith’s Food and Drug

Safeway Total Assets

According to the research we seconded from a few notable websites, Safeway Grocery Store is worth $17.2 billion as of 2022. The result that we provided is based on 2022. The estimated amount also comprises its income from activities based on its primitive gain and a few more revenues. Its total asset may increase or decline as time passes; once we face a decline or surplus in the estimated amounts, we’ll surely update it here. We also believe Safeway Grocery Store might have chosen investment options to double the company’s returns to add more worth to its Total Assets.

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