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The Block 2022

A $90,000 budget and the promise of a Ford Ranger for this week’s winner kept spirits high. The Blockheads also had time (OK, maybe five minutes) to ponder their ‘tree change’ experience. Some described it as “challenging and rewarding,” while others described it as “brutal and frantic.” It was both for some contestants.

“I’ve had an absolute ball; I’d do it again in a heartbeat,” said workaholic Tom. Sarah-Jane described it as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and said they laughed every day despite everything.

“It is the most insane, hardest, most intense thing you could ever do, but it’s so unbelievably rewarding,” Ryan said, adding that he believes he could now climb Mt. Everest in his underwear.

Who Won The Block 2022?

Tom and Sarah-backyard Jane’s can be described in one word: bananas. It has everything except a helipad, and the judges flocked to it like teenage girls at a Harry Styles concert.

The couple presented a turning-circle driveway, water feature, jungle gym, pool, basketball half-court, golf hole, veggie garden, at least two fire pits, and a horse enclosure. “We’ve got areas coming out of our hoo-has!” exclaimed Sarah-Jane on The Block’s final Saturday.

House 1 had won six mature trees throughout the season, but their landscaper had spent $38,000 by 10 a.m. on Monday. Along with the bells and whistles, Tom and SJ had plenty of gardens to show off, including a small olive grove.


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Judges Reaction

Neale Whitaker was struck by the contrast between the extension’s dark cladding and the original cottage’s soft grey weatherboard when he first saw it. He was also taken with the water feature: “The sound of that water and the stillness of the landscape is quite beautiful.”

Shaynna Blaze liked the rustic old farm machinery they found, and all three judges thought the fire pit embossed with ‘The Block 2022 House 1’ was a nice touch. “The landscaping has been beautifully planned and zoned; they’ve added so much value,” Darren Palmer said.

Now for the garnishes. The judges discovered a pizza oven and a meat smoker in the poolside entertainment area. There’s also a mini basketball court. And a chicken coop with live hens. And a ‘cubby house’ for adults made from a shipping container. Darren described Tom and SJ’s backyard as “resort-like” and “the most extreme entertainment area I’ve ever seen on The Block.”

The Final Scores

  Darren Shaynna Neale Total
Tom and Sarah Jane 9 ½ 9 ½ 10 29
Rachel and Ryan 9 9 8 ½ 26 ½
Ankur and Sharon 6 ½ 6 ½ 6 ½ 19 ½
Dylan and Jenny 9 9 8 1/2 26 ½
Omar and Oz 9 ½ 9 ½ 9 ½ 28 ½

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