Why Is Mark Buddle Arrested? Know More About The Comanchero Bikie Leader’s Wife


Mel Ter Wisscha, the ex-wife of Mark Buddle, has been arrested for importing more than $40 million worth of cocaine.

Mark Buddle, the famed Comanchero gang leader, is in Australian jail after being deported from Turkey.

In May of 2021, he was arrested for bringing more than 160 kg of cocaine into Melbourne. According to estimates, the overall market value of the material exceeded $40 million.

ABC News adds that the arrested guy just appeared in court in Darwin, Australia and that more hearings are imminent. After the arrest of Buddle, the Turkish government apprehended his former partner, Mel Ter Wisscha, who was approached by law enforcement officers at the Istanbul Immigration facility.

According to Meaww, over a dozen cops confronted the woman as she attempted to depart Bodrum, Turkey. According to the reports, she was staying at a resort that cost around $11,000 per night, indicating her lavish lifestyle.

Mel Ter Wisscha, Mark Buddle’s Ex-Wife, Who Is She?

Mel Ter Wisscha, the ex-wife of Mark Buddle, is an Australian celebrity noted for her association with the bikie boss.
Although she is no longer with the accused fugitive, the lady is said to be in frequent communication with him since they share children. However, she has lately denied any links and stated that only her children interact with Buddle, who is their father.

The Turkish authorities arrested her to see if she had knowledge of Mark’s works, although she denied any knowledge. According to her Facebook page, Wisscha resides in Dubai and enjoys a rich lifestyle, as she is frequently travelling to new areas and engaging in other activities.

Why Is Mark Buddle Arrested?

Mark Buddle, the head of the Comanchero biker gang, is caught in May 2021 for smuggling cocaine worth over $40 million.

The individual was under the suspicion of law enforcement for an extended period of time while they gathered evidence against him. After being notified by the Australian government, the Turkish authorities took Mark into jail following the investigation’s success.

Soon after, the guy was deported to Melbourne, where he would stand prosecution for his crimes.

Mark Buddle Net Worth 2022

Mark Buddle’s net worth is around $100 million.
According to sources, the reputed gang member has a wealth of about $100 million. Various illicit activities, including cocaine smuggling, are supposedly his principal source of money.

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