Why Is My Chegg Not Working? Chegg Not Showing Answers, Is Chegg Down?

Chegg Not Showing Answers

Chegg is a well-known professional education technology company, and it is a trusted company among students which provides good quality student services.

It is said that Chegg is not working properly.

The Chegg company was launched in 2005 and it offers digital and physical textbook rentals, online tutoring, textbooks, and other student services. If you are searching Why Is Chegg Not Working, know the reason here.

Why Is My Chegg Not Working?

Chegg is down today, October 30 2022, according to Volsiz. Chegg is not working now, and people are searching what’s wrong with Chegg and why it is inaccessible today.

According to the graph given by the Downdetector service, it is seen that 326 users are experiencing issues with Chegg. So, now many are searching Chegg not showing answers. Scroll down and get more details.

Chegg Outage

Chegg outages have been reported in the last 24 hours, says Volsiz.The most reported problems are: Website 89%, App 1%, Login 10%.

There have yet to be any official announcements from the developers of Chegg. So, for now, we have to wait for the official update. We will update you once there is an official announcement.

Chegg Not Loading Answers

Many are saying Chegg is not showing answers. According to viraltalky, the reasons why Chegg stopped working are: 

  • Both the app and website are down due to temporary service outages from the main servers.

  • You might be operating your platform with a device with a VPN.

  • The platform may be outdated or can be filled with bugs and glitches.

  • You are using a device that is incompatible with their app or website.

  • There can be an issue with your network connection.

  • You still need to clear your cache and cookies, and the cache is corrupted.

Chegg Is Down

On October 22, Chegg wrote on their Twitter account that they were currently experiencing site issues preventing some users from logging in with Facebook, and they were actively working to fix the problem. Here is the Twitter post.


Image Source: Twitter

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