Zro Arrested Is Zro In Jail? Why Was Rapper Zro Arrested? Who Is Zro? Zro Real Name, Age, Net Worth

Who Is Zro?

Joseph Wayne McVey IV was born on January 19, 1977, in Houston, Texas, United States. Z-Ro and the Mo City Don, Joseph Wayne’s stage aliases, were more well-known. American rapper Z-Ro hails from Houston, Texas. In 2007, The New York Times listed him as one of the country’s most underappreciated rappers. Joseph Wayne McVey IV, better known as Z-Ro, was born on January 19, 1977, in Houston’s South Park neighbourhood. After his mother passed away when he was six, he moved around from home to home in quest of stability, finally settling in the Ridgemont neighbourhood, a middle-class community in Southwest Houston close to the Missouri City suburb. Z-Ro turned to drug trafficking and street hustles while he was in his late teens since he was jobless.


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Why Was Rapper Zro Arrested?

After Brittany Bullock, McVey’s ex-girlfriend complained to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office about an alleged incident that took place in April at West Side Forest in the Katy area, McVey was taken into custody. Bullock provided a 20-minute audio clip of the alleged attack to support her claim. The complaint claims that on April 29, Bullock went to McVey’s house to talk about cancelling a dinner reservation.

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Zro Arrested What Really Happened?

Bullock claimed that as soon as she entered the house, McVey grabbed a gun and started dragging her about while slapping and punching her. She claimed to have been attacked for almost an hour and a half and that after being hit numerous times, “she eventually got nauseous and spewed up.”

Bullock asked to use the restroom and started recording with her phone there. When she came out of the restroom, the claimed attack continued.

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Is Zro In Jail?

According to TMZ, Z- Ro’s misdemeanour assault case, in which he was accused of hitting his ex-girlfriend Brittany Bullock, has been dropped.

According to records obtained by the site, Texas prosecutors are attempting to get the rapper from the Lone Star State’s assault allegation dismissed. Prosecutors initially stated that there was “probable cause” to press forward with the case, but they changed their minds after Z-Ro successfully completed a batterer’s intervention program. The dismissal was approved by a judge on January 8, 2019.

Zro Real Name

According to Wikipedia, Z-Ro’s real name is Joseph Wayne McVey IV. Z-Ro and the Mo City Don are his stage names, and also people used to call him by these names. The Life of Joseph W. McVey, Z-critically Ro’s acclaimed Rap-a-Lot debut, was released. The album was a major hit and helped Z-Ro gain popularity outside of the South. Let the Truth Be Told, which Z-Ro released in 2005, was warmly appreciated.


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Zro Age

According to Wikipedia, Z-Ro was born on December 9, 1977, in Houston, USA. As of 2022, he is 45 years old. Z-Ro turned to drug trafficking and street hustles while he was in his late teens since he was jobless. The music of 2Pac, Geto Boys, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Street Military, K-Rino, and Klondike Kat, according to Z-Ro, motivated him to put more effort into achieving his objective of leaving the streets. Z-Ro realised his knack for freestyle rapping, and the CEO of a local label noticed and signed him after he went through a few recording facilities to prepare a demo.

Zro Net Worth

Z-Ro is a famous Houston Rap Singer. According to Popular Net Worth, the total net worth of Z-Ro is estimated to be around $2 million approximately. His salary details are still under review. The source of income for Z-Ro is his professional career.

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