Cristian Andre Hurtado Car Accident, What Was Andre Hurtado Cause Of Death? Andre Hurtado Obituary

Is Cristian Andre Hurtado Still Alive?

Drag Race fans will know Hurtado from Cristian Andre Hurtado’s appearance on RuPaul’s Drag Race: Vegas Revue. After knowing some facts about Cristian Andre Hurtado, some of the readers may also have a doubt about whether Cristian Andre Hurtado is alive or dead. Just kidding, the real news is people are confused if Cristian Andre Hurtado’s dead. According to the report from Out, it has been reported that confusion was raised by the fans after the fatal car accident. But to answer the question, yes. Yes, Cristian Andre Hurtado is dead. We will update more factful insights about Cristian Andre Hurtado’s details when we are informed.

Cristian Andre Hurtado Car Accident

According to the report from Out, it has been reported that Cristian André Hurtado passed away at 34 years of age. A GoFundMe account has been created by Cristian André Hurtado’s family and friends to help with the costs of his funeral ceremony after he passed away unexpectedly. Hurtado may be familiar to RuPaul’s Drag Race viewers due to his involvement in the Vegas Revue episode of the show. Hurtado was portrayed in the episode as Kameron Michaels’ then-boyfriend, and the two were shown to struggle with maintaining a relationship while separated.

What Was Andre Hurtado’s Cause Of Death?

There is constant talk among the people of the United States about the unexpected death of Cristian Andre Hurtado, who lost his life at the age of 34. As we all know, Some car accidents are caused when the driver’s mind travels a thousand kilometres beyond his eyes. According to the report per Out, it has been declared that Cristian Andre Hurtado’s left the mortal world after meeting with a fatal car accident. But there is no further information about the sudden death of the personality. It was known that he met with an accident, but there is no proper information that it is the main reason for his departure from the material world.

Andre Hurtado Obituary

His loved ones and many other well-wishers shared their condolences on their social media pages, saying, “He meant so much to so many people. His infectious smile will live on forever. We’re going to have a memorial for him on the 12th in Texas, where he’s from. His real brother is a huge part of the pageant drag community, and there are so many of the girls wanting to go see him. He made the world smile. His laugh. Jesus, his laugh will continue to echo in my head for the rest of my life.” Another person mentioned, “I want people to know that his relationship with his mother… that was his best friend. They spoke on a daily basis. He loved his mother so much. So, when she called me. I have to tell you. I don’t wish this on the worst person in the entire world. To hear a mother calling you, telling you, in disbelief, that her son is gone.”

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