Is Killer Sally McNeil Still In Jail? Is Sally McNeil Released? Where Is Sally McNeil Now? Sally McNeil Kids, Husband, Wiki, Age

Who Is Killer Sally Mcneil?

Sally Mcneil is an American Former professional bodybuilder. On March 19, 1996, she was convicted of second-degree murder in the 1995 Valentine’s Day for shooting her husband Ray Mcneil to death. She was sentenced to 19 years in prison. She first met her husband in a bodybuilding competition, and since then, the two have been in a romantic relationship. In 1989, they moved into an apartment in Oceanside, California, where they lived with Sally’s children from her first marriage. Ray’s competition was getting closer, and he was low in confidence, so Ray decided to take steroids. Steroids made Ray bring out his aggressive and abusive behavior towards Sally, and their marriage was no longer a fairytale. 

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Is Killer Sally Mcneil Still In Jail?

Sally Mcneil was granted parole in 2020. By then, she had served 25 years in jail. Sally currently resides in Northern California with her two kids. Sally Mcneil, a former bodybuilder, was married to a bodybuilder champion Ray Mcneil. She first met Ray while he was serving in the Military along with her. The couple fell in love and eventually got married in 1987. Three years after the marriage, Sally was discharged from the Marine corps. This also made Ray quit his job and make bodybuilding his full-time career. Their relationship soon grew violent. Sally says that she was abused by her own husband in so many ways, physically and sexually. On the evening of Valentine’s day 1995, Sally wanted to spend some romantic time with her husband, but Ray wasn’t home. Instead, he was outside at a bar. When Ray came home, things heated up, and Ray strangled her in defense; Sally shot him twice with a shotgun. 

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Where Is Sally Mcneil Now?

Sally Mcneil is no longer in prison. She served her sentence at the Central California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla, Calif, and was released on Parole in May 2020. By then, she had served 25 years in prison. In Killer  Sally’s final moments, Sally talks about how much she values her newfound freedom and reconnecting with her children. 

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Sally Mcneil Husband

Ray Mcneil was a 30-year-old American bodybuilder and comedian. He also won the North American Championships. He also served in the military and married a fellow army woman who goes by the name Killer Sally now. In 1995, Ray was training for the Pro Ironman Championships in Redondo Beach. A week before the competition, he was shot dead by his then-wife, Sally Mcneil. He was twice in his stomach and head with a shotgun. It is believed that Ray would abuse his wife physically and sexually. He would show his outside anger to her when she was at home and beat her gruesomely. Sally’s children even agreed to Ray abusing their mother brutally.  On Valentine’s day, when Sally wanted to spend time with him, he had left for the bar. When Ray came home, things got heated up, and Ray strangled her. Sally took a shotgun to defend herself and her children and shot him dead. 

Reference Source- Celebsweek

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