Do You Know If Douglas Bader Has Kids? What Happened To The Pilot Of The Aircraft?


A Royal Air Force flying ace from the Second World War With the release of his biographical movie Reach for the Sky, Douglas Bader is currently popular. The movie’s director is Lewis Gilbert, and Kenneth More portrays Bader.

The distinguished pilot was credited with 22 aerial victories, six probable wins, four shared victories, one shared probable victory, and 11 damaged enemy aircraft. In 1928, Bader enlisted in the RAF.

Did Douglas Bader Have Children? Anything About His Wife

No children were born to Douglas Bader from any of his marriages. Thelma Edwards, the famous aviator’s first wife, and Joan Murray, his second wife, were wed in 1933 and 1973, respectively.

His first wife Thelma was diagnosed with throat cancer in 1967. The lovers made the most of their time together because they knew Thelma’s chances of survival were slim. It was said that she smoked.

Despite giving up smoking, his first wife passed away from cancer in January 1971 at the age of 64. Three years later, Bader wed Joan Murray, his second wife, and they allegedly lived in the Berkshire village of Marlston for the remainder of their lives.

Joan, a member of the British Limbless Ex-Association, Servicemen’s was the daughter of a steel magnate. They allegedly met in 1960 at one of the association’s gatherings.

Nothing more relevant has been revealed thus far, especially about Bader’s marriage and children. Despite this, the fact has not yet been emphasised by trustworthy sources.

A biography of the aviator Bader called Reach for the Sky won the 1956 BAFTA Award for Best British Film. The film’s composer was John Addison, the British pilot Bader’s brother-in-law.

What Happened To Douglas Bader?

In December 1931, while attempting some aerobatics, Douglas Bader lost both legs. During the start of the Second World War in 1939, he supposedly returned to the RAF.

After recuperating from the catastrophic event that cost him his legs, he retook the flying training. Even after passing the inspection flights, the aviator asked to be reinstated as a pilot.

The aviator was compelled to retire against his choice by the authorities due to health reasons. Having said that, he joined the RAF again as a pilot once the Second World War started. During the Battle of France in 1940, Bader won his first battles.

Despite his impairment, the aviator made many escape attempts before going to the Colditz Castle POW camp. According to reports, he permanently quit the RAF in February 1946.

Douglas Bader’s Family

On February 21, 1910, Douglas Bader was born as the second child of Major Frederick Bader and Jessie Scott MacKenzie. Apparently, his father was a civil engineer.

He was raised by McCann’s family in the Isle of Man for his first two years while his parents and older brother Derick returned to India following his birth. Later, the aviator traveled with them to India for a full year.

After his father left in 1913, the Bader family returned to London. His father served in the Royal Engineers and saw combat during the First World War. He passed away in 1922 from wound complications.

Soon after, Bader’s mother wed the Reverend Ernest William Hobbs again. His mother, who showed little interest in Bader, periodically sent him to his grandparents, and his stepfather failed to develop into the father figure he required.

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