How To Spot Ghost Orbs In Phasmophobia? Spot Ghost Orbs In Phasmophobia

Ghost Orbs

When you load a map, Ghost Orbs will spawn in your favourite room and float around. They appear to be very small orbs that move across the screen one at a time. They can be seen through the screen of a night vision video camera or any available video feed with night vision.

Ghost Orbs can sometimes be seen via the map’s CCTVs if the CCTV happens to be facing into the favourite room, depending on the map and the location of the favourite room, though this is uncommon. Ghost Orbs will shift position within the favourite room on a regular basis, forcing players to be more proactive in locating them.

When the ghost room changes on difficulties where ‘Changing favourite room’ is not set to ‘None’ (for example, Professional and Nightmare), the Ghost Orbs will also change.

How To Spot Ghost Orbs In Phasmophobia?

Ghost Orbs are exactly what they sound like: small, floating, circular flashes of light that can only be seen with a video camera or a head-mounted camera. To help you find what you’re looking for, we captured one in the image above; they’re very small and move quickly, so pay attention!

To begin, determine which room the ghost is located in. Using the EMF Reader or the Thermometer, you can narrow this down. Once this is established, there are two paths you can take in your search for Ghost Orbs:

  • Using a tripod, position a stationary video camera within the ghost room. This can then be monitored from the van, along with the Head-Mounted Cameras of the other players.

  • While holding the video camera and in the room, keep an eye on it.

The first option is much safer than the second, but it takes time when that player could be doing something else. The time spent in the van, however, isn’t completely wasted because the player can switch between looking for Ghost Orbs and monitoring the team’s Sanity.

The second option will almost certainly help you find Ghost Orbs much faster than the first. The ghost’s presence will move around quite frequently and quite quickly. As a result, it may take some time before a Ghost Orb appears in front of a stationary Video Camera. Meanwhile, if you or another player uses the Video Camera as a handheld, it is much easier to track down and confirm the Ghost Orbs as evidence.

Ghost Orbs Phasmophobia

Banshee Ghost Orb D.O.T.S Projector Fingerprints
Hantu Ghost Orb Fingerprints Freezing Temperatures
Mare Ghost Orb Spirit Box Ghost Writing
Obake Ghost Orb EMF Level 5 Fingerprints
Onryo Ghost Orb Freezing Temperatures Spirit Box
Raiju Ghost Orb D.O.T.S Projector EMF Level 5
Revenant Ghost Orb Freezing Temperatures Ghost Writing
Thaye Ghost Orb D.O.T.S Projector Ghost Writing
Yokai Ghost Orb D.O.T.S Projector Spirit Box
Yurei Ghost Orb D.O.T.S Projector Freezing Temperatures

As “false flag” evidence, the Mimic induces Ghost Orbs. Because its primary pieces of evidence are the Spirit Box, Fingerprints, and Freezing Temperatures, Ghost Orbs are unaffected by the number of evidences set (such as on Custom or Nightmare difficulties), even when it is set to 0.

Strategies In Phasmophobia

  • Because Ghost Orbs move on a regular basis, searching for them with a hand-held Video Camera is often preferable to relying on stationary cameras. Furthermore, this eliminates back-and-forth trips to the truck, which is especially important on large maps where sanity is more important.

  • During the initial search for Ghost Orbs in the ghost room, a player in the truck can view their teammates’ head mounted cameras.

  • When viewing the feed from the truck, camera placement is critical for detecting Ghost Orbs. A good strategy for detecting them is to place two video cameras in opposite corners of the room to maximise coverage. It is also a good idea to place one or more cameras outside the room to catch the ghost if it roams.

  • By using video cameras to peer through exit doors, garage doors, or windows, the player may be able to find Ghost Orbs before entering the investigation area.

  • Ghost Orbs appear at regular intervals. If no one is seen for an extended period of time, try moving the video camera or switching to another one.

  • In bad weather, Ghost Orbs can be difficult to see in outdoor areas such as the Maple Lodge Campsite (rain or snow). Ghost Orbs float more horizontally and sometimes even upwards, which helps distinguish them from snowflakes (compared to snowflakes always falling down). In this case, searching for Orbs on a computer may be preferable.

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