What Happened To Kelly In Coronation Street? Why Is Millie Gibson Leaving Coronation Street As Kelly Neelan?

Coronation Street

Coronation Street is one of the most famous British Television Series. It was telecasted on December 9, 1960. In 2010, it was recognized as the World’s longest-running television series. At present, these series have six million viewers per episode. The Series was telecasted on its 10,000th Episode on 7th February 2020 and celebrated its 60th anniversary. In this article, we will see the new updates about the character kelly in coronation street.

What Happened To Kelly In Coronation Street?

As per the source of radiotimes.com, we learned that Kelly In Coronation Street walked away from the life of Aadi after kelly was rescued from danger by Gary and Aadi Alahan.In the process of rescuing kelly from danger, Aadi got injured, but thankfully his life was saved in the hospital. Kelly made an emotional conversation with her fiancee Aadi and told her that she wanted to breakup their relationship. She gave her engagement ring back to Aadi, fans of kelly will miss her in coronation her last episode was telecasted on 23 September 2022.

Coronation Street’s Kelly Neelan

Kelly Beau Neelan is commonly called Kelly Neelan. She was introduced in the series as the teenage daughter of Rick Neelan. The character kelly was first introduced in the 9807 episode in June 2019. Actress Millie Gibson played the role of the character kelly got, importance gradually in the story of the Coronation series from December 2020 onwards. Her character got importance and appeared in the episodes along with the characters of Imrah Habeeb and Toyah Battersby. The character kelly Neelan received a huge response from the fans of coronation street. Actress Millie Gibson has got a huge name and fame for acting in this character.

Why Is Millie Gibson Leaving Coronation Street As Kelly Neelan?

As per the source of express.co.uk, we learned that the Actress Millie Gibson left the character Kelly Neelan in Coronation street. Fans of kelly are curious to know the reason for it. The Actress herself told about her departure to the media that she wanted to explore new things in life and also said she didn’t have any family responsibilities, so wanted to explore new things in life from out of her comfort zone.

Kelly Neelan Coronation Street Wiki

Kelly Neelan is the teenage daughter of Rick and Laura Neelan. Actress Millie Gibson played the role of Kelly Neelan in coronation street. she made her debut appearance in the series on 28th June 2019 and her last Appearance in the episode on 23 September 2022. Initially, kelly’s character is planned for a five-episode guest appearance, but the character receives positive reviews from the fans of Coronation street. Gradually, the character kelly gets an important position in the series. Definitely, the sudden departure of kelly is a great disappointment for her fans.

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