Is Chutti Tv Stopped? Check Out Chutti Tv Shutdown Date Here

Chutti Tv

A 24-hour Tamil cartoon television channel from India’s Sun TV Network is called Chutti TV. Children between the ages of 3 and 17 are the intended audience. The first-ever children’s television channel on Sun TV Network, it debuted on April 29, 2007. Up until Tamil audio was introduced to the Indian channel, Chutti TV had a deal with the American television network Nickelodeon.


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Is Chutti Tv Stopped?

There are millions of fans of children’s cartoons everywhere. The decision to stop broadcasts by one of the top Tamil cartoon networks has upset the fans. Yes, “Chutti TV,” the most popular Tamil cartoon channel, will shut down shortly. Sun Network is to shut down the cartoon channel later this year, according to sources. For all fans of cartoons, but especially for 90s kids, this information is heartbreaking. For additional details, continue reading. 

Is Chutti Tv Shutting Down?

For lovers of cartoons, Chutti TV was also first introduced in Tamil. Tamil cartoon programmes have been broadcast on the famous Sun Network’s Sutti TV since its introduction in April 2007. According to reports, the condition of this station, which was well-liked by the audience, has worsened. So Sun Network Group has chosen to stop Chutti TV’s broadcast.

Chutti Tv Shutdown Date

Sun TV network ltd. owns and runs the children’s entertainment channel Chutti Tv. Mighty Raju, Jackie Chan Adventures, Bibi Blocksberg, Heidi, Girl of the Alps, Kong: The Animated Series, The New Adventures Of Hanuman, Flipper and Lopaka, and Flight Squad are a few of its current programmes. Bandalero, Jumanji, He-man, Dragon Booster, Spectacular Spider-Man, Ultimate Avengers, X-Men, Jackie Chan, and Master Raindrop were among the cartoons that 90s kids loved the most. Sun Network is to shut down the cartoon channel later this year, according to sources.

Celebration Of 90’s Kids

Depending on the nature of the programme, television shows have many categories of fans. However, if it shows that fans from diverse areas of life celebrate, it is only a cartoon series, particularly Chutti Tv. Regardless of age, children, teenagers, and adults of all ages like watching cartoon shows. Fans have loved numerous such animated series, but it was Chutti Tv that drove 90s kids fans to television.

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