What Happened To Property Brothers? What Is Property Brothers? Property Brothers Tragedy

What Is Property Brothers?

Property Brothers is a famous Canadian reality TV series produced by Scott Brothers Entertainment. It is the original show in the Property Brothers franchise. The famous series features twin brothers Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott.

If you have seen home renovation shows, you might know about contractor Jonathan Scott. He is a Canadian TV star. He and his twin brother, Drew Scott, can be seen on the Property Brothers show. They work together to help change clients’ homes from dull to fantastic. Know here What Happened To The Property Brothers

What Happened To Property Brothers?

Per TV Guide Time, Jonathan was reportedly involved in an awful accident. But what exactly happened is unknown. He might have been injured during a home renovation project. There is an anticipated obituary written for Jonathan on Necropedia. But he is alive. According to this fake obituary, Jonathan died on October 18. This is fake, as the site mentions, “anticipated” means that the person has not died.

What Happened To Jonathan Scott?

Jonathan Scott is doing well. He is active on Instagram and he recently shared a picture of him and Zooey seeing the Broadway show for Into the Woods. He wrote, “Just a lil date weekend escape to New York with my fave.”


Image Source: Instagram

Jonathan and Zooey began dating in 2019. Jonathan revealed in his magazine in January 2022 that they had bought their dream home in Los Angeles.

Property Brothers Trouble

The so-called ‘Property Brothers lawsuit’ came to light in 2021. Mindy King and Paul of Las Vegas, NV, alleged that they spent about $200,000 with Villa Construction and Cineflix. Cineflix is actually the production company behind the Property Brothers famous show. Villa Construction, a local contractor, was hired by the Scotts to do the work.

The lawsuit says that the Scotts weren’t up to building code as there were wires left exposed and doors not hung properly, according to Showbiz Cheatsheet. The lawsuit said that the Scotts didn’t finish the work. Mindy King said to KTNV, “They just come in and they bring a Sharpie or spray paint and try to make things look pretty, but they don’t.” 

Property Brothers Tragedy

It must be made obvious that the Property Brothers were not personally named in the lawsuit. As the leads on the project, Gossip Cop said they might be held liable for the damages.

According to the outlet, when the Brothers were initially contracted by the Kings, they swore that only professionals would work on their homes. The Kings later found that this wasn’t the case. The Kings claimed they were pressured into signing some agreements they otherwise wouldn’t have signed.

To this, the Scotts claim that the Kings are just looking for money and are trying to smear their Hollywood reputation.

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